Friday, September 21, 2007

scottish things

ok, so i'm freezing my tail off sitting outside the library because we don't have internet, but I just have to tell you a few of the things we've done in the last few days...

1. Ate dinner with friends Monday AND Tuesday night - nice... Had wonderful times with all of them and are so thankful for the hospitality shown us. Tuesday night we went to a pub and watched a rugby game between Scotland and Romania. Scotland totally won.
2. Had the Ellis' come to us to wander St Andrews
3. Went up into Rule's tower and through the cathedral grounds
4. Found out that I can make really, really good shepherd's pie, garlic chicken stir fry, chicken and noodles, and apple crisp (not all on the same night though) and that Ian is an excellent rice maker.
5. Sat in the runniest bird poo ever and had to have my jeans wiped with baby wipes (thank goodness the Ellis' have a diaper-wearing baby)
6. Ian got to go to a meeting with all the people he really admires here at St Andrews and was so excited he almost threw up
7. Saw the most AMAZING rainbow I have EVER SEEN... seriously.. looked like God drew it on the sky with some hard core highlighters. Not to mention we've seen four rainbows just since we've been here.
8. We got Lily to like Ian - hooray!
9. Ian, Brannan, and Katie tried haggis today. I did not and after watching Ian and Brannan come near vomiting after trying to eat a plate of it I never will, and I won't regret that. It also really stinks when you cook it.
10. Got a surprise delivery of the reddest rug I have ever seen (I suppose to compliment our red couches) and pillows for our couch from our landlord.. but we made it work quite well. The red is definiteley not too overpowering.

So, we are having all kinds of scottish experiences and really loving most of them (except the haggis) Ian starts some school stuff next week (not classes yet) I also get to go to my first women's Bible study next week.. And, keep praying that i get a job!
p.s. sorry about typ-o's my hands are quite stiff :)


  1. Great Scott! You two are certainly off to a great start on an amazing year. Enjoy every moment of it! ( you haven't figured that one out!) I believe I speak for many back home when I say I'm looking forward to pics of you two in kilts. (Do me a favor & investigate what they really wear under those things...but don't tell me if it's something I don't want to know!) So how are the bagpipe lessons coming? Thanks so much for sharing! Joy, laughter, & love--cousin Jenn

  2. We actually saw a marilyn monroe-esque picture of a man in a kilt from the back and there was nothing under there! Fortunately, that has not occurred in real life, however, there is definitely a man that rides his bike around wearing his kilt - seems a little risky to me! :)