Friday, August 31, 2007

Chicago hoooooo!!!!!

First of all, I have to say, isn’t my husband so good at posting on the blog? It was his first time and I think he did a fantastic job ☺

Ok, so today is the day! We slept in our oh-so-comfortable bed for the last time before we leave. That’s gonna be a hard one to leave. That bed is soooo comfortable. Man. I hope our bed in Scotland is comfy ☺. Anyway, we’ve packed all our bags, with only 2 of them being overweight! (though that’s just according to our scale, we’re praying that’s accurate on the airport scales as well) So we have LOTS of luggage. 5 big bags, 2 carry ons, and 2 personal bags, and 2 coats… I’m not sure who’s going to carry all of that ☺ Thank the Lord for that taxi driver that’s going to meet us in Edinburgh! I bet he’ll help.

We did a great job packing (according to me ☺) so hopefully we’ll be ready for anything. We did discover that hubby’s clothes are quite a bit heavier than mine, but that’s ok because he doesn’t need as many. So, anyways (I know when I’ve said that more than once that I need to get focused or quit typing!) we are leaving for Chi-town this afternoon and saying goodbye to all things familiar except our clothes and each other’s faces! I’d say overall the mood is anxious and excited. Any time I remind Ian of more things we need to do, he does his beautiful fake vomit sound, which tells me I’m not the only one with butterflies in my stomach ☺ We have our expectations for our ‘flat’ very low because we have absolutely NO idea what to expect.. they told us this week they can’t give us an inventory because they’re still putting things in it.. so I guess that’s good. I just hope that doesn’t mean they can’t quite fit the bed in the door ☺ Seriously though, God is good and this will be fun! He has provided beyond our wildest imaginations and I think I’m going to need to write that really big and hang it on the fridge so I don’t worry about things all the time. We are going to see the Ellis’s soon after we arrive so we can freak out about being in Scotland together ☺ And, I might need to pack a chill pill because I get so giddy when I hear Scottish accents I might explode when we walk off the plane. We’ll update as soon as we can! Oh, and our address is different than we thought so please email us to get the correct one if you don’t have it already…

Monday, August 27, 2007

The California Trip

We came back from California on Sunday, and our bodies are still unsure what time zone to be in. We had a wonderful time visiting with my mom and sister (and Kameron). Instead of trying to write a coherent dialogue with the list of “fun facts” from our trip that I would like to share, I will simply list these aforementioned facts:

• On one of our first days in California, my sister and Kameron took us to the beach at Point Dume. I was able to learn the basic tenants of spear fishing (which I casually wondered if I could do in the North Sea of Scotland), and see a gigantic sand flea. Kameron snorkeled around and found 4 starfish and a sea urchin, all of which we were able to hold. But the highlight for me came when Kameron poked an octopus with his spear-fishing spear and it shot ink at him.

• I had a dietary first while in California: a squid steak sandwich. I would guess that the circumference of the steak would be similar to that of my hand (closed fingered) and about .5 inch thick. I had no idea that the kind of squid that human’s readily eat got so large! Perhaps it was a different species. Regardless, it was delicious.

• My sister took us to Venice Beach (which Kameron described as a Mexican circus, but we didn’t find it to be such), and we are able to see all sorts of sights in addition to the shops that a down-home Indianaian doesn’t usually see: a guy offering to jump on a pile of broken glass for money, a hobo asking for money for the expressed purpose of getting drunk (he sang the song “jingle bells jingle bells time to get drunk” over and over again), to name a few.

• Tim Hunter flew to San Diego to visit with Juliana, and on Thursday they both drove up to Malibu to visit with us. We went out to eat at Malibu Seafood and afterwards hung out at Pepperdine’s Hero’s Garden. Juliana gave me a Scotland pin, which I now treasure.

• Alexandra (aka Alex), one of our very good friends from Taylor University, flew down from San José to visit as well. She came with us to the Getty Museum (see below) and generally rocked the west coast with us.

• The Getty: a very nice museum. It has free admission and some really fantastic and famous works. I personally enjoyed the pre-1600s work and the ridiculously old stuff. They had ornate medieval psalters that had little headsets you use to listen to the specific psalm being sung. They also had a bust of a bust of a roman emperor that was dated c150 B.C. (if I remember correctly), and some Greek pottery from the 4th century B.C.

• Our trip was particularly providential/well-timed in regard to the fact that it corresponded to my mom’s birthday. Katy, Corrie, Alex, and I stayed up late one night, after my mom went to bed, to bake her a surprise birthday cake. While as a general rule I get a kick out of such sneaky behavior, the real joy came in being able to spend that time with my mom and sister.

• The final fun-fact I’ll mention here is that the airplane we rode home on was built in 1986. Now, I am a little bit of a skittish flier, so this fact reduced my comfort level a bit. The plane had tube styled TVs in it and big ol’ 80’s style buttons in it.

On all accounts, our pilgrimage to the west coast was a wonderful experience. As we prepare to leave for Scotland these kinds of visits with friends and family are quite dear.

And naturally, we had to include a picture of our little house that went with us to California.

Monday, August 06, 2007

the little house!

well I have been really bad at taking our little green house around.. well I always have it with me, I've just been forgetting to take pictures of it. I remembered, however, while we were driving home from Florida and my brother and I were playing with the camera I have on my computer. Here's where the house ended up...

Now we all know that Mitchell's mouth is huge, but that is using a distortion that the camera does, so don't get too excited to make fun of him for his gargantuan mouth. Anyway.. We're less than a month away from our new home!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Well we have experienced many changes over the last few days that I just wasn’t quite ready for. We went to Florida last Friday to visit my mom’s side of the family and the week flew by faster than it’s ever flown before. I began getting a familiar uncomfortable feeling in my stomach toward the end of the week that meant I knew hard things were coming but didn’t want to think about it. I hadn’t considered until this week that this may be the last time I see my grandparents.. may be the last time we gather in their home to spend a week together.. may be the last time I see my family including my sister and her husband until next summer.. I had high hopes for coming home for Christmas, but found myself a little discouraged as I looked at ticket prices and realized there’s a big difference between buying a one-way ticket and a round trip ticket, though I still have hopes prices may go down in the months to come. I just wasn’t ready for those thoughts. Now, I do realize that any day could be the last day I see someone, but I think most people can relate to these feelings even if they may be a little unfounded.

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you love people until you’re saying goodbye with the future unsteady. I am and have been so blessed by my family. My grandparents have been incredibly generous, loving, and hospitable over all the years of my life. Their home was home to us while we visited and they do and have done everything they can to make sure our visit is wonderful. My aunts, uncles, and cousins are so fun to spend time with (even though we always have our moments ☺) and are so loving and thoughtful. My cup runs over! I have never treasured a visit so thoroughly as I did this summer. It meant so much to me to see our family together and enjoying each other..

Oh, not to mention we are now former bird owners. We sent them home with my aunt and uncle to keep for us while we’re in Scotland and that’s sad too. I know that they will LOVE living with my aunt and uncle because they are previous bird owners and my aunt is like a home-making machine.. that woman knows how to care for the residents in her home! So, I’m sure they’ll be very happy.

So, anyway.. Scotland is only a month away and that’s getting scarier as well. But I can’t deny that I am excited. I’m excited to meet all the people we’ve been emailing with.. to see our new home.. to attend our new church and meet our new pastor.. to get involved with that church as much as we can.. to support my husband through his first year of school.. It’s going to be an amazing ride and I am on-my-knees-thankful that I know that my Heavenly Father has gone before us and made our way straight.