Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well we have officially moved our first box out of our apartment. I couldn't bring myself to take any more out. As I was packing things, I just got really sad about this whole process of cutting ties. Our little apartment has so many firsts and so many memories for us it's going to be hard to leave it. Then, we were dog-sitting for my parents this last weekend, and Friday night an old episode of Friends was on and I watched the tail end of it... the one where they're moving out of the apartment that basically every episode was filmed in. And everyone was so sad, and it made me even more sad. But, then I thought, 'well it's better that we're moving out now, several months before we're actually leaving the country rather than leaving straight from our apartment for Scotland.' Plus, we're traveling so much this summer, I'm hoping no place really feels like home.. That way, it's only natural to make St Andrews our home.

Also, this is funny, but I have decided to minorly change the name of my business.. I got so focused on the design part of it, I forgot that I am primarly a mixed media artist, not a designer. So, it's now Ombelico, artworks by Corrie, instead of designs by corrie.

more to come...

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Here it is! The logo.. Subject to change :) I decided to name this here business Ombelico. That is the Italian word for belly button.. You're thinking - oh corrie, you're so weird. Well yes, but there is a reason. First of all, it's a cool word. Second, I have always been intrigued by the belly button... think about it... The scar that we carry with us everywhere, reminding us that at one time, we were absolutely dependent on someone else. A reminder that we are larger than just our individual selves, we are human, born, live, and die. A reminder that we have a beginning and carry with us a heritage in our lineage. There's alot tied into that little dot on the tummy. So there it is.. Some thoughts on Ombelico.
More to come...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All Grown Up!

How things have progessed over the last few days! I signed a contract with Taylor to be their Admissions designer (and anyone else who might come along needing some designing), made myself a business name and logo, a quote sheet, and an invoice sheet, and turned my first invoice in to Amy! Whew! And, if that's not enough, I applied for a job at St Andrews (with what in Ian's words was a 'kick butt' application) as Secretary for their School of Biology and Gatty Marine Laboratory. So cool! So, needless to say, I'm feeling like quite the responsible adult. Although I'm still pretty nervous about this having my own business thing.. Basically, I don't want to do something wrong and go to jail. That would be very sad for me and husband, so let's just hope that doesn't happen :) I'll post a picture of my logo tomorrow (I don't have a picture on this computer) and I MIGHT be getting a website too, which would also be super cool. So uh, let me know if you need anything designed and you might get too see one of my cool invoices :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Well, we did it...

We started a blog. Hopefully we can use this to keep in touch and have a good time recounting all of the fun things that happen to us as life continues. We are currently in the midst of planning our move to Scotland - Hooray! This first entry is kind of awkward. I'm not sure what to write or if anyone will ever see it. Anyway, here it is. Hopefully it will get more normal as we go...