Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things heard in our house…

Ian: Good news!

Me: What?

Ian: There’s a job opening in New Zealand!

Me: Well, that IS good news… For someone else.

Aed playing by himself while we are in the kitchen…

Makes his infamous ‘bite’ noise like he’s taking a big bite of something (which he also uses in the produce section of the grocery store) and then says:

'Bite. Doggy.'

Going upstairs to change a poopy diaper…

Me: Whew! You Stink!

Aed: Takes a deep sniff and then says, ‘Mmmmm MMMMMM!’

Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Things…

Six things that have happened in the last month or so.. Six things that have been neglected by yours truly.. They are not earth shattering, nor will they change your life, but they might make you crack a smile which is really what we’re going for here, am I right? So, here goes..

The babies gathered again! And have actually subsequently gathered once more since this picture was taken. I hear the most recent picture is exceedingly cute, especially when compared to this one, given that it was apparently a very serious April morning. May brings smiles much more easily. Also noteworthy: April was the one-year mark from our first tea!

This was the view out my laundry room window a few weeks ago. Cherry blossoms! I am so grateful for trees that are once again full of life!

There is a yearly parade here called the Kate Kennedy procession. It’s put on by uni students that are in the Kate Kennedy Club. Turns out this historical parade would be Aed’s first! He wasn’t as thrilled as we had hoped, but I couldn’t blame him since no one threw candy.. He did neigh really loudly when the first horses went by though :)

My UK mother’s day present bloomed in glorious purple beauty! Unfortunately, we missed most of the blooming since we were on a little getaway (next post!), but they were beautiful and oh-so-fragrant.

Easter! This is Aed’s plumped up Easter basket. It was going to be less than exciting, but then we got an awesome package in the mail that added lots of fun toys and candy for our little Easter Egg.

I know these are blurry, and I apologize.. blurry seems to be my thing these days. As you can see he is his mother’s son. He went STRAIGHT for the Reese cups and proceeded to eat two of them in quick succession. My heart melted. And he was wearing the cutest sweater for the special day! Also noteworthy: That sweater is now lovely shade of light blue thanks to a pair of jeans.

We had a small group of people over for an Easter breakfast and did a little egg hunt with the kiddos, which was so fun! I made the long-awaited braided Easter bread, and it turned out pretty tasty.

It was much cuter before it went into the oven, though..

We had an awesome spread of food (table spruced with flowers from our very own jungle garden) and I was SO uncomfortable sitting through church with such a full tummy! Totally worth it :)

This is how my child eats. He takes a bite out of everything he is given before he goes back to finish anything.

Love this kid.

(What, Mama?)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

34+ weeks

We have made it to 34 weeks! It is crazy to think about how much change just right around the corner. I am tired but feeling good, and am soaking up these last few weeks as a family of three.

This morning we had some fun getting our pictures taken by a very dear friend here. I have wanted and wished and hoped for really nice family photos since Aed was born, but things just haven't worked out - until now! She sent me a few favorites today, so I thought I'd use them to show off my voluminous 34 week belly, and my two beloveds.

Aren't they beautiful?? Our friend is just so talented! I am so, so thankful! :)

I have so much to post about.. we have been busy, busy! Hopefully this week or weekend I'll have a minute to sit down and sort through everything because there is lots to share.

In other news, another friend has shed some light on the mystery of my last post. If you're interested in a little more information on the probable cause for the 'probably' in the cafe's street sign, check out the comments. It pays to have friends in the know! Thanks Julie! :)