Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It has been a while since we have posted any updates, so I naturally have a lot to say. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time available to give a detailed account; I have over 100 pages of Thomas Reid’s Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man that I should try to have read and fully digested before tomorrow.

I have been going to class for several weeks now, and it has been pretty darn intense! I have already given a presentation of David Hume’s skepticism (scepticism), and I’ll be giving another presentation next Monday on Thomas Nagel’s chapter on knowledge in The View from Nowhere. In addition, I have constant reading and writing to occupy my time. I am sincerely having a blast! Sure there is lots of stress and busyness, but I am really enjoying it all. This last weekend, I gave my paper “Epistemic Perspectives and the Externalist approach to Peter Unger’s Certainty Requirement” at the department’s graduate student outing. The outing, called a reading weekend, was held in Raasay House on the island of Raasay, which leads me to the next section of this post.

The combination of natural beauty with stimulating conversation made for a wonderful reading weekend experience. I was able to get to know many of the department’s faculty and fellow postgraduates on a much more personal level, and because I presented a paper I was able to get personal feedback on my research. Now, on to some pictures of this adventure:

In case I didn’t know what my general latitude was:

I never saw a single monkey

From the conjunction of this sign with the sheep on the cliff in the background, I think I can infer how the rocks get knocked down

This was a rough path to go on

No playing on Sundays

Cemetery Orchard?

As you might guess from the background, Dalwhinnie was nothing like Las Vegas

This was the first sheep I encountered. I named her Buster-Sue. I tried to pet her and…

This is Buster-Sue running away

These are some other sheep I found; they were just walking down the road (yes, i took lots of pictures of sheep, but that is because Corrie really likes them)

Here is a picture of me with some of my hiking cohorts

Here is a picture of me with the Raasay House dog Thom.

Here is a picture of the whole reading weekend gang (thanks to Mark W. for the picture)

And finally here are some landscape pictures:

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  1. Dude, that second from last one. Wow. I'm certain that Jesus is hiding in that little patch of light.