Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Time is Here!

(On a side note, Ian and I sang hearty and beautiful renditions (from Charlie Brown maybe?) of that song the first few nights we had lights on our tree) And it has definitely snuck up on me! I am so unprepared for Christmas.. I mean I decorated, but as far as being ready for Christmas day to actually arrive, not so much. I’m getting Ian basically the best present ever (I’m sure you’ll hear about all about it). Our Scottish family (the Ellis clan) is coming to visit around Christmas and we are so excited! :) We love having them nearby.

We’ve decided to keep Christmas presents for our loved one in the states low key and are sending a personalized postcard out to all of you! So get ready to hang us on your fridge :) We had an expert photographer take our picture and she did a great job (yay Vanessa!).

Some things that I decided are blog worthy…

The blob

Ok, yes they are bells with lights on them but I am telling you, when it’s dark outside and all you can see are the lights, they look like a blob. We got so excited when we saw it because it reminded us of home.. You see, there is a building right across the street from Taylor U. that puts out all sorts of Christmas decorations. Amongst these decorations every year have been these little deer figures that they spread out through part of their property. In the daytime, they look like little deer. But at night, when they’re supposed to look like little deer with lights on them, they just look like blobs. There just aren’t enough lights for you to really be able to tell what they are. And we loved those blobs. So we are so thankful that the Lord has blessed us with a blob, right across the street no less!

The other thing we’ve been learning about lately is Christmas cake. This is something I have yet to understand.. You make these cakes and then can let them just exist for over a year without eating them. Usually people make them in November and then don’t eat them until the NEXT Christmas. You use a special kind of icing that can be made into all sorts of fun things like choir members and mice. This is a picture of some Christmas cakes at the coffee shop across the street.. They aren’t good pictures because I didn’t want to be obvious about photographing the coffee shop – it seemed weird when there were people right inside eating.. I don’t want to develop a reputation. Anyway, I think you can still see the cuteness of these cakes.

And, us in front of ‘our’ sea (I know it’s not ours, but until we live somewhere else, it’s ours). We were looking nice because we had just taken pictures for the postcard, so we took a few extras :)

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