Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Season, New Look :)

I know, it’s sad. I wanted to sound really cool as if I knew about fashion and all.. that was the best title I could think of.

Anyway. I spent a wonderful hour with a hairdresser this morning chopping of my hair. It was fabuloso! I LOVED her and I love what I came out with…

Yes. I’ve started wearing the glasses again. My eyes have been getting extremely tired after staring at screens all day and I’ve been getting headaches more often, so hubby suggested I bust them out again. I thought since I had a new haircut, I could justify wearing dorky glasses :)

AND. Hubby is letting his hair GROW.

Katy started in on this idea long before I was in a position to make suggestions about Ian’s hair, but I definitely chimed in any time the subject of him letting it get a little longer came up! The only problem is, he doesn’t really know how to style it, and I don’t really either. So, sometimes it looks awesome and he’s totally studly and other times.. well.. let’s just say those are the times he asks me to cut it :)

We’ll figure it out eventually, but we will definitely take any tips you know of on how to style enviously thick, smooth, cowlicky boy hair..


  1. You guys are certainly a very stylish couple. I like the new do.

    We are about the last people who you should ask for styling tips for men's hair. We'll leave that to people that actually have hair. :)

  2. hey you two...i love the glasses and LOVE the new dos. they are definitely dos and not donts so wear them proudly! its been a while since ive been able to check up on you two but it seems as though all is well...aside from the creeping darkness. get in touch if you have a minute - all my love! leesh