Thursday, April 09, 2009

In through the nose, out through the mouth..

Ok. This is a big step for me.. We don’t have a full-length mirror, so I never see my profile. This means, any time I do see my profile I’m like, “What the…?!?” (No there are no curse words in there.. the phrase actually ends with the word ‘the’ when I say it.. I didn’t want you to worry) My belly doesn’t look quite so big when you just look down on it (my view all the live-long day), but when you see it from the side.. whoa.

So, If you look at this picture and think, “ooooooooooo man.. she is ginormous,” just don’t tell me.. mkay? I just recently became comfortable with the thought of actually needing to wear maternity clothes, so I may need a week or two to come to grips with the cause for that need to wear maternity clothes.

Ok, so here’s belly shot from somewhere between 13 and 14 weeks..

I know.. my outfit is pretty classy.

And here’s where we are now, somewhere between 20 and 21 weeks..

Just imagine I am going “Naaaa Naaaaaaaa!” (like an extended tada with ‘n’s) while you look at it because that is what I was doing. And don’t mind the crazy hair.. need I remind you I live in a very moist climate, leading to very frizzy hair? It’s like living in the rainforest without the hot.. and without the huge species of everything.. except seagulls. We have huge ones of those.

So, if this makes you take pity on me and my large self, just send me clothes that I will look cute in :)

The end.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, BLUE Fish

It has been b-e-a-utiful here lately! We are getting to the time of year where the amount of sunlight is just perfect. Long, warmly lit (notice I never said warm) evenings and bright mornings. We’re not wading through darkness and we’re not shielding our eyes from the sun at 10pm. It’s pretty great.

Except for the seagull poo. Those things have issues.

I’ve been working away, though not as much in the evenings, which has been fabulous. I feel a lot less like a crazy person now too. They aren’t joking when they talk about pregnancy hormones and all the crazy things they do to you. AND, my eye has stopped twitching – close your eyes and say it with me... yesssssssssss!

And (drumroll please…) we had our 20 week scan today! Hooray! Everything looks very healthy and we even got to watch the baby do some acrobatics – quite the performer :) We got a picture, but Baby was pretty squirmy so it’s a little blurred. But it was AMAZING. We saw its little fingers, its little feet, its brain and watched its heart pumping away.. We saw its cute little face, and just LOVED watching it move around in there. Here’s the picture for you..

Can you tell if it’s a boy or girl?? Yeah.. we can’t either. Fortunately, the midwife stares at babies all day long and she said she was as sure as she could be that he is a he! So we’re going with that :) I told Ian I’m going to have to get a lot more mature before he’s born :)

You can see pretty clearly all the parts, and I’ll let you decide who his blurry face looks like most :) It was so cute though because when she took this picture he was totally chillin out in there, arms up by his head, both feet up resting on the opposite wall of the uterus, one of them a little higher than the other. That is a little arm and hand up there by his cheek, but sadly you can’t see the feetsies. We were both just stunned at the clarity of everything we could see.

I haven’t had a lot of time to contemplate this change that is coming, but I know time for that will come, and that the Lord is preparing both of us with each day that passes for this new adventure. We are beyond grateful for this opportunity to shepherd a child (or two or six or eighteen..) for however many years the Lord blesses us with. We certainly have had no shortage of love for our little guy thus far, and I can only imagine what that will be like when he is here on the outside with us. Praise the Lord!