Monday, September 27, 2010

Now You See Him..

Now you don’t!

When he’s not doing this..

(video coming soon..)

Aed loves to sit and read with anyone that’s able.

He will occasionally try to flip through on his own, but usually that leads to great amounts of frustration and lots of whining until someone either helps him turn the pages or cuddles him up for a good read. We go through all the books on his shelf most every day!

I am thankful that he loves to read, because it’s the only time he’ll sit still long enough for me to nuzzle his fuzzy head and breathe in his tasty goodness :)


  1. sunshine is usually my source of happy. seasonal depression hits every february when i crave some warmth and sun. but i'm thinkin' this year i'll just sniff in my sweet baby boy. right there with ya! :)

  2. Boo for winter! Having a baby to sniff definitely helps :) I'm sure Owen won't mind either!