Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Baby Crazy!

Aed and I were invited to a friend's house for a play date a little over a week ago. We were invited along with lots of other mommies and babies, so it was a full, fun house! These were all the babies born in the Autumn and winter months in our group of friends, and they had a great time eating/sleeping/staring/crying/yelling/babbling/smiling/playing with each other.

We were able to get a photo of all the mommies and babies:

You'll notice Aed and Ellie are the delinquent back row-ers not paying a lick of attention to the camera! :)

And also one of just the babes!

Too cute :)

It was a great morning - thanks Emily!


  1. Look at all of those new faces (and babies)! How sweet. St Andrews has changed a lot!

  2. hahaha. for some reason that picture of the 6 babies all lined up cracks me up. all these miniature people - so sweet!