Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Indiana Days: Fun Footwear

While spending his days with his - originally uncle's, more recently - cousin's room as his own, Aed discovered that he has an affinity for footwear.

Being that my sister's family lived at my parents' house for a year before we did, a lot of their things still reside there. Including my nephew's shoes. Aed found a couple of pairs of black shoes in his closet that he would often be wearing we when retrieved him after his nap. Always pants-less too, of course. He'd slide those things on any old time of day, including right after waking up.

He also commandeered a pair of boots that were his cousin's and wore those things for all occasions!

My personal favorite, though, was when he'd shove them on over his footy pajamas and go for a walk in his pajamas and boots. He is ever the trendsetter.

Then, we went on a little vacation with our extended family, and my sister's family joined us. My niece had a super cute little pair of crocs that looked like Mary Jane's that Aed couldn't get enough of! Every time we turned around he was wearing these things.

After seeing what joy they brought him, we started searching high and low for a similar pair in a boy color, but couldn't even find the style! But I thought he still might like the ease with which the crocs can be put on and taken off independently, so we kept searching for crocs for him. My mom found these winners and we never looked back!

Nowadays, he mostly wears sandals or his 'racing shoes' (tennis shoes) because of the climate, but the Lightning McQueens still get pulled out pretty regularly to play with or wear. And, I have no doubt that as soon as he spots those boots at Nena and Papaw's house, they will be inseparable. 

I'm happy to say, his brother has joined him in his love for shoes. His current obsession is 'SHSHGHSHEHSHGHOOOOES?' Asher is constantly putting them on and taking them off, and heaven help us if you put on his shoes and aren't immediately ready to walk out the door! Love these boys!

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