Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our new home..

Is very small (and looks like a hotel, as a certain small member of our family has pointed out), but makes up for it with a great view. Who knew we’d be getting a mountain view??

Is in a place with wonderful produce. A thousand times, YUM.

Is really, really hot. There were days we weren’t brave enough to venture out to play in three-digit weather. But, then there were days we just went for it for the sake of fun and adventure. (We are finally welcoming 60s & 70s!)

(Don't they look fun and adventurous?) 

Has a single, solitary surface on which we do everything. Art projects, playdough, dinner, study, and anything else the day may bring.

Has provided opportunity for the acquisition of new skills.. 

Attracts visitors. There’s an alluring beach not too far away.. just saying.

Has this place called In-n-Out Burger. After a day at the beach. Double YUM.

Doesn’t have a TV, and while that’s nothing new, it did make for an interesting Olympics experience :)

Provides lots of little boy entertainment at all hours of the day. The traffic never stops!

Is where our eldest had his first ‘waawipop’. That’s lollipop for those of you that don’t speak 3-year-old. :)


  1. I like the yummy parts of this post! The fresh produce, and the greasy burger. I have heard so many people rave about In-n-Out's on my bucket list. Great to see bits of your life there! :-)

  2. cute post! love it (and you guys!). miss you xoxo

  3. Thanks Kristin.. Yes In-n-Out is good.. I don't know if it's like changing, but it's definitely good :)

    Thanks Jess! We miss you too!