Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A walk down Nena and Papaw’s driveway brings..

.. the enthusiastic company of a furry, four-footed companion

.. opportunities to let the ‘little tractor’ plow the cornfield

.. learning how to skip (hilarious, I might add)

.. learning how to take giant steps (also hilarious)

.. peeks at the big tunnels, the fountain, and sometimes the itsy bitsy teeny tiny tunnel

.. the chance to see two planes and two jets (!)

.. watching my big boy sit down and follow the aircraft with his eyes until they are impossible to see

.. many, many trucks and cars to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at as they drive by

.. games of ‘race car’ that involve many wrecks and rescues, as well as many successful attempts in beating Mama :)

.. the gorgeous muted colors of the rainbow in the cloudless sky as the sun sets

.. listening to my oldest marvel at the colors by my side

.. ending the walk by playing outside until the sun goes down (Aed has held on to his Scottish tolerance of the cold :)

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