Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lovely Day for a Hike

Amidst those hot, sweaty days we had our first taste of what a cooler California can be like. Grey clouds blew in, it got cold enough to wear a light jacket, it even rained a bit. It was a reason to get out of the house and celebrate! I had a list of places that were good for a hike with a buggy, so I pulled it out and off we went.

Love that Asher's enthusiasm!

We found a little guided trail for kids and had a great time finding and learning about many different types of vegetation in this area.

A weaf, Mama! It's VEWY big!

And, we found great big leaves on the ground! He carried that thing around for a long time. :) It almost felt like it really was Autumn!

The view was gorgeous and we all managed to keep ourselves from touching any cactus plants. Also, there were no bears. Signs warned us that there could be bears moving through and I began to question the wisdom of hiking alone with my children. But, there were no prickles and no bears. Or snakes. Always pluses in my book!

hiking buddies #1 and #2

I hear tell of a few other areas that have buggy-friendly hiking. Can’t wait!

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