Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Well we have officially moved our first box out of our apartment. I couldn't bring myself to take any more out. As I was packing things, I just got really sad about this whole process of cutting ties. Our little apartment has so many firsts and so many memories for us it's going to be hard to leave it. Then, we were dog-sitting for my parents this last weekend, and Friday night an old episode of Friends was on and I watched the tail end of it... the one where they're moving out of the apartment that basically every episode was filmed in. And everyone was so sad, and it made me even more sad. But, then I thought, 'well it's better that we're moving out now, several months before we're actually leaving the country rather than leaving straight from our apartment for Scotland.' Plus, we're traveling so much this summer, I'm hoping no place really feels like home.. That way, it's only natural to make St Andrews our home.

Also, this is funny, but I have decided to minorly change the name of my business.. I got so focused on the design part of it, I forgot that I am primarly a mixed media artist, not a designer. So, it's now Ombelico, artworks by Corrie, instead of designs by corrie.

more to come...

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  1. Yay, a blog. SOOOO cute and exciting. And yes, I will read it because... well, you guys are the greatest and who wouldn't want to read about your adventures. Good luck with the new business, Corrie. Great logo, nice fonts. SO exciting. Man, the way you described moving out the first box made me SO sad for you. Don't be sad, though, new and exciting things are ahead for you!