Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A picture! Hooray. This is a monopoly house. I found it on the ground outside our apartment and picked it up and kept it like all artists do when they find things that they know they probably can't use but think maybe they can. Well now it gives me sheer joy because this very morning I decided that this little house is going to go with us everywhere. I told Ian it's a symbol of our end goal someday to settle down and have our own little house (although it's ok with me if it's not green) and so this little house can come with us to remind us to be content in knowing the Lord will provide and remind us of all of the adventures we're sure to have in getting there. How will it do that? Well, anytime something is photo-worthy, the little house is going to be involved. If we go to Buckingham Palace, there it will be; Morocco, there it will be; a sheep field, there it will be. This is going to be fun... :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this picture is one of our first adventures - moving out! It's on the floor of our getting-empty apartment to help us (mostly me) remember that even though it's sad to leave, good things are ahead...

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