Tuesday, June 19, 2007


A picture! Hooray. This is a monopoly house. I found it on the ground outside our apartment and picked it up and kept it like all artists do when they find things that they know they probably can't use but think maybe they can. Well now it gives me sheer joy because this very morning I decided that this little house is going to go with us everywhere. I told Ian it's a symbol of our end goal someday to settle down and have our own little house (although it's ok with me if it's not green) and so this little house can come with us to remind us to be content in knowing the Lord will provide and remind us of all of the adventures we're sure to have in getting there. How will it do that? Well, anytime something is photo-worthy, the little house is going to be involved. If we go to Buckingham Palace, there it will be; Morocco, there it will be; a sheep field, there it will be. This is going to be fun... :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, this picture is one of our first adventures - moving out! It's on the floor of our getting-empty apartment to help us (mostly me) remember that even though it's sad to leave, good things are ahead...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

busy busy busy...

Well, that about sums it up! :) After celebrating hubby’s b-day, we took off Monday with Mitch to go see Hope and Wes in St. Louis.. We had a blast of course and learned a great many things while we were there… Here are a few…

1. friendship bread – just as bad as a never ending chain letter and tastes good until you’ve eaten it every day for a few weeks.

2. green poo from eating cookie monster cake never gets old

3. ticks are disgusting no matter where you find them and st. louis is infested with them

4. you can play ‘frisbee’ golf with just about anything, but fireworks are the most exciting

5. watch out for neighbors who have the by-laws memorized… and when approaching that neighbor, always have a witness

6. super nice high pitched Chinese women can easily talk Ian into a few extra crab rangoons

7. high pitched Chinese women can also inspire some pretty great squealing contests and it seems the guys can’t typically win these, though they make some pretty spectacular faces trying

As you can see, we learned a lot, though there were many more good times had than just these, I mean, all the Goshert siblings together is bound to be pretty exciting. We got back on Thursday evening, worked on packing on Friday, and then I left hubby Saturday morning for dear Courtney’s wedding. He packed and moved all of the seating out of our house as well as put books all over the floor so you can't even really sit there anymore.. The wedding was fantastic. Beautiful bride, beautiful bridesmaids, beautiful friends, beautiful setting, strawberry kiwi punch, what more could you want? So, now it’s back to packing for a while. We have to be out this week! Oh the sadness… but, as we all know, change is good, especially when it involves moving to a country with lots of sheep… cute sheep… very cute.. :)

Yeah, i'm working on that whole posting of pictures thing.. I'll get there guys, I will.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hubby's b-day is June 9th! Everyone wish him a happy day! :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Welcome to June Everyone!

Feels like summer :) Hooray! I, however, am still bedecked in clothes that would make it seem like it were fall, which made it very ironic when Ian walked outside and said, "I'm so glad we're moving to a colder climate..." Anyway, Ian is feeling the beauty of not working and starting to pack up his absurd number of books. I'm getting a little more used to the idea of moving now and I'm really excited to live with dogs again after a 4 year hiatus (I guess the people will be ok too..)

Anybody interested in having a couple of cute cockatiels for their very own??
We'd let you have them :)