Sunday, January 06, 2008

We are bound to be a big lip family...

When you get married, it's not uncommon to talk about your future kids and what traits they might get between the two of you. Well, Ian was brushing his teeth last night and I just happened to notice that he has huge lips. Huge. And he can make them way bigger than you think he can. It is not a little known fact that I also have some pretty supple lips and we have talked several times about how our children will probably be blessed with very large lips since we both seem to have the gene. I used my imagination and I think this is going to be fairly accurate.

What do you think?


  1. quality posts! I am impressed. You are leading in the blog world now. We miss you much- it looks like Christmas might have been really special with you guys too. Maybe next year?

    You tube videos anyone? Also- I brought back a lot of quality movies!

  2. This blog is great medicine for me. I think the only thing I laugh harder at is the funny things our kids do. What a blessing those little ones are to me.

    It's great to keep up on what (and how) you guys are doing over there. Thanks for writing!


    p.s. - I rarely send links to Mary Ann for her to read, but I did for this post!