Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whoa Milk!

Ian and I are milk drinkers (hooray for strong bones!).. We have always drunk a lot of milk, but I never considered actually trying to figure out how much milk we consume. It turns out it’s not that excessive, but when your milk is measured in pints – it looks like a lot! We use about 2 gallons of milk each week, but the largest container available from our Tesco is 4 pints (which just-so-happens to fit perfectly in our refrigerator door). So, that leads to 5 milk containers each week. You may be wondering why I bothered to figure all this out…

Well, we recycle our containers and we generally collect them for a while before we take them to the recycling place. I happened to remember the last time we took our containers to be recycled and saw that we had acquired a whole bunch of them since then, so thought I would see just how much milk we were drinking. Now we know. I mean, If you had seen this many milk containers on your counter, you might wonder how much milk you were consuming too :)

And, I just couldn’t resist putting this little guy on here as well.. He gave me such a good pose.

I have become so fascinated with birds lately.. The last 3 paintings I’ve done have involved birds. I just love those little guys! (Although, I’m pretty sure Ian would want me to emphasize here that they are actually quite huge... seriously, the seagulls are enormous)

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  1. They also (seagulls) are without fail perfect alarm clocks- we hear their squalling every morning!