Saturday, February 02, 2008

Walks, Sky, and Hair

Last Sunday morning, Ian and I were ready for church slightly earlier than usual. We decided to take the opportunity to go for a walk, perhaps a more scenic route to church :) We walked down to Long’s Pier and it was a beautiful morning.. Clear skies, low tide, swans and birds everywhere – very refreshing.

Ahh the cathederal draped in morning light.

Long's Pier

The swans were hanging out on the sand, like all the cool kids do at low tide

Traps at the harbor

Ropes at the harbor (the harbor is so photogenic :))

The boats sink into the sand and wait until their destiny's can once again be fulfilled...

Since it was such a nice day, we decided to go visit St Andrews Castle. The tour begins with some historical explanation…
But mostly, I just liked the way they made the letters fancy :)

As we rounded the last corner in the display before walking out to the castle, we were surprised to find…

Mr. Knox himself!
Ian was enthralled with his preaching

Upon moving out of the historical explanation section, we were greeted with this view of the castle

But I think that’s the only view I’m going to give you because there was something much better than the castle to look at… The sky was AMAZING. I found myself taking a picture of the castle and then immediately turning around to take pictures of this amazing sky over and over again! I mean the castle was cool, but it’s just rubble.. This is beautiful.

I do have to mention though that the castle has a cool feature of underground tunnels. They used these to siege the castle back in the day – they actually fought battles in tunnels underground. My brain could not conceive of such a thing. Here are a few pics of the tunnels.

We were greeted with this warning...

And had to crawl down this little tunnel to get to a point where Ian could almost stand up straight

I took this picture of us in the mine and promptly realized that you couldn't tell at all where we were... oh well.

In other news, I inherited several babies this week…

The only one that is actually ours is the mutant one on the right. He got his daddy’s tall genes apparently :) The weird thing is, that flower is the same kind as the one next to it and the one on the other end. The other three are Vanessa’s bulbs which I am babysitting until she and Will get back from gallivanting in Paris. Our baby grew so big, he couldn’t hold himself up anymore

So we’ve had to rig up a contraption to hold him upright.

In other other news, Ian decided he needed a haircut this week. Not only that, but he decided he wanted to cut his own hair instead of having me do it like usual. I was skeptical of his ability to do this since he’s never even cut anyone else’s hair.. and after a few minutes, he gave up.

Here’s what he ended up with…

He told me he was going for a fade - short on bottom, a little less short in the middle, and long on top… Nice fade hubby… His fade resulted in a buzz cut, which he is thoroughly enjoying, so it was worth it.

Lastly, I want to leave you with a picture from a walk I went on with my good friend Kelly. We walked up a hill I never knew existed and got a breathtaking view of the town/ocean/sky.. This picture just doesn’t do it justice.


  1. It doesn't seem like three years since I last cut your hair. I had no idea you had a bird. It made me kind of sad to realize I haven't really known you two as a married couple. Kind of weird since I've known both of you for like 8 years. I guess all that to say I miss you both.

  2. We miss you too Mark! If we can ever get ourselves back to the states (one of these days!) we'll have to get together.. You know I've never even met your dog. I mean.. that's just ridiculous.

  3. Hello Ian & Corrie! I met you guys while you were in Aberdeen visiting with Kate & Brannan. Corrie, you came over to my house with Kate for our "Mums & Babes morning" (and Ian, you came over with Brannan afterwards and ate your Subway sandwich in my dining room!). Know who I am now? :-P

    Anyway, my husband (Chris) & I are headed down your way to spend a few days the last weekend in Feb. and wondered if you could recommend some places for us to eat! You can e-mail me at:

    We spent one quick 'day trip' in St. Andrews when my grandparents were here visiting, but are really looking forward to having a couple of days to really check the cute town out. :-) Any recommendations on things to do would be great too (besides the ruins, golf course and those couple of obvious things).

    Maybe we'll even run into you guys while we're there at some point! :-) Thanks a bunch!

  4. wow, that must have been some morning. you took a walk on the pier, went to the castle, crawled around in the tunnels under the castle, went back home to take pictures of your flowers, then cut ian's hair, all before going to church. that is how i read it anyway. i was like jeez they are a busy couple. then i realized that church probably occured somewhere in there without being mentioned.

  5. Best post award- Ian's haircutting adventure. That is priceless....

  6. Adam - you are correct sir! Church was in between the morning walk and the castle... We weren't ready for church that early :)