Saturday, May 24, 2008


There is a really fun thing about living on the North Sea (well there’s really more than one, but whatever). It’s called Haar. I like the stuff. I think it’s beautiful and mysterious and quiet and I love watching it slowly take over our little town. The first morning I experienced it, I was shocked when I stepped out the front door and couldn’t see the street light right outside our door. The first afternoon when I experienced it move in to ‘ruin’ a perfectly sunny day, I think I fell in love :)… I’ll allow some time for any Scottish person reading this to pick their jaw up off the floor…

The Scots I’ve met here hate the Haar. I’ve been told stories of how it just ruins everything about a good day, and officially ruined last summer. Some of you will be skeptical and say that after I’ve experienced it more and had it ruin a day when I planned on being outside, I will no longer love it, but I’m doubtful. I mean you can see the stuff whisping about! It is completely mesmerizing. You can send your haar my way any day!

These images don’t really do it justice. You can see where St Salvator’s Tower and the Cathedral should be if you remember what our surroundings look like here, but sometimes you can’t even see the street right down there. It’s crazy.

Another thing I’ve been meaning to mention here is that I am in need of some ‘quick’ recipes. I currently have a somewhat insane schedule of almost constantly working – even through the weekend. The Lord has been faithful to allow me to be persevering, but it makes it really hard to figure out what to do for dinner. I don’t get home from my day job until almost 6 and by the time I change, figure out my plans for the evening and start in on dinner, we’re not eating until 7:30 or 8 unless we have the pleasure of leftovers. That may just be how this point in our life is going to be. But, I thought I’d check in and see if any of you have suggestions for less time consuming recipes. Even if you’re not sure I have access to the ingredients, I’d appreciate knowing them. You can email, or leave it in the comments. I try to make something bigger on Sunday that will last til Wednesday and then do it again Wednesday so we’re good til the weekend, but I just know there are some geniuses out there that can give me some ideas :)

Work is going really well. I love working at West Port and am trucking along with my clients in the states. Ian has his last final on Monday and then starts in on his MLitt dissertation. He’s been assigned an advisor for it and is looking forward to getting started. I’ll let him tell you more about that.

We have some exciting news that I keep forgetting to post as well.. Ian’s going to Rome! He was accepted into a conference on ‘The Grandeur of Reason’ (I know you all almost wet your pants in excitement at that topic) in September in Rome and is super excited about it. He’s never been there before so it will be a great experience for him. I unfortunately won’t be able to take that time off to accompany him, but our friends the Ellis’ are going as well, so he’ll be in good company. He’s also making great progress on getting things squared away for successfully starting his PhD here this fall, and we are really thankful for that.

So, we have a lot to look forward to… Not to mention a visit to Indiana this summer!!!!!! We realized the other day while grocery shopping that this means we are going to get to GRILL our food outside on a WARM sunny evening (I'm still not convinced I'll ever be warm here), and we’re going to get to eat SWEET CORN ON THE COB!!!! Indiana is so great! I’m pretty excited about those things. But, I’m even MORE excited about all the friends and family we’re going to get to see!!! We have three short weeks to see as many friends and family members as we can :) Feel free to contact me for more information on the timing and our exact whereabouts.

Until next time.. 10-4 good buddy.

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