Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Photo Update...

First things first.. Hubby got new shoes!!

(he's such a good model) Those of you who looked at our pictures from the Continent will know that Ian left his shoes in Germany for the garbage man. So, we got him a new pair! They are much more grown up than his last, they’re comfortable, versatile, and were fairly inexpensive. Couldn’t ask for much more!

AND, some might think it’s a miracle…

But it has been nice enough to keep our windows open all day! That is quite the achievement in the Church household. It has to be preeeeetty warm to get me to agree to such things :).

One day recently while we were out and about, we found ourselves in the midst of the Kate Kennedy Club parade. Apparently they do it every year and a bunch of students dress up as various characters from St Andrew’s history, and parade through town. I was so disappointed that I had been caught without my camera!

However, we got home and a couple hours later, they came parading right passed our flat! So, I hung out the window to get some pictures :)

I LOVE bagpipers

That ‘lady’ in the white hat.. Totally a guy.

In other news.. We had a visit from Aunt Joan and Uncle Carl! They stopped by on a Friday evening and took us to dinner, then we went to visit Hill of Tarvit and Falkland Palace the next day. A few photos for your viewing pleasure…

Beginning with Hill of Tarvit

Look at the size of those things! I was freaking out :)

And Falkland Palace

This is me being so royal in front of the royal tennis court (apparently my version of royal is also kind of like being crazy). This tennis is called REAL tennis (not joking) and is played differently from lawn tennis (the tennis we all know and love).

I’m sure we’ll have more pictures of these lovely places later (Uncle Carl took all the people pictures.. He’s smart like that. You know, taking pictures of PEOPLE instead of just the places. Someday I’ll learn…), but we so enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Aunt Joan and Uncle Carl. It had been a while since we’d seen them, so it was a much-needed visit. We are so appreciative of the love and generosity we were shown – many, many thanks to both of you for such a wonderful time!

We also found out that day that they were having medieval celebrations and activities (including battles and a may pole) at the castle.

How cool is that?? Needless to say, I think every little boy in St Andrews got to the castle that day :)

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for..

BEN PICTURES!!! YAY!!! (I am more than a little excited about adding ‘Aunt’ to my name :) )

The floating picture. Hope thought he looked like he was floating above the ground.. I think I have to agree.

All decked out to be baptized!

The baptismal moment

Looking good in Ben’s hat (he never wore it, so I thought I’d put it to use)

And today wouldn’t be complete without a hearty HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! We love our mums :)

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