Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I’ve been spending too much time talking about the weather

Ian and I were walking somewhere the other day and I was a little grumpy (just imagine a super cute grumpy person, not a full-grown adult acting like a child.. it’s better that way), mostly because of the incessant wind that chills me to a very deep place I didn’t know existed until we moved here. So, I was complaining about the wind and the cold and such, and Ian said, ‘But look at the clouds over there!’

To which I retorted, ‘Yeah, what about them?’ (I was very determined to be grumpy)

He said, ‘They’re really pretty, I thought you’d like them.’

‘I’ve seen better.’

I’ve seen better! That’s what I said! Unbelievable. Any of you who have spent time with me will know that I always love the clouds and am so very rarely quite this grumpy and pessimistic :)

So, my patient, ever-loving husband kindly replied, ‘Corrie! I think you’re becoming a true Scot!’

Disclaimer: We do not consider the Scots to be grumpy people, we love them to bits, however they do have quite the reputation in their negativity about the weather. :)


  1. :(
    Poor guy.
    Eat more chocolate... That should do the trick!

  2. Ha! Has it been snowing there? Lots of snow here- the whole country stops!