Tuesday, July 07, 2009

At Your Request: The Church Baby Gift List!

It has come to my attention that there are some dear ones in the United States that are inquiring about buying us gifts for Baby Church. This is a very humbling thing to discover as we often feel so distant from all of you and are so encouraged by your thoughtfulness! Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to relieve this desire since we won’t be visiting the States until winter, thus taking away the possibility of a shower. BUT, what we have done is we’ve made a baby registry at amazon.co.uk, which anyone can browse through and buy from regardless of location. It will then ship directly to our address here in Scotland.

If you are intimidated by such things (i.e. using amazon, shopping on the internet, etc), let me give you a few options:

Option 1:

Go to amazon.co.uk

Roll your mouse over the little arrow to the right of the ‘Gifts & Wish Lists’ option towards the top of the page.

Type my name (Corrie Church) into the box to find the list, click the ‘go’ button, and viola!

The beauty of Amazon is that you don’t have to buy at the price listed. You will almost always see a ‘used and new’ or just ‘new’ option with an equal or lower price you can opt for.

You can use American credit cards/addresses, as well as UK cards, so (hopefully) there will be no problem with our international situation! :)

Option 2:

Alternatively, you can just click this link…

Church Baby Wish List

Option 3:

Or use the button in the sidebar over to the right to get yourself to the list. It looks like this..

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