Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to You!

So Ian’s birthday was actually on June 9th. Don’t be fooled by the date of this post.. He has officially spent his last days as a 25 year old and moved on to the world of the 26ers. He feels old. Mostly I just try to tease him about it while I can.. I know my time is coming :) In all seriousness though, we truly felt like we were celebrating with so much gratitude for all the Lord has taken Ian through in the last year. It has been amazing to watch how many doors the Lord has opened for Ian to be a strong, intelligent, gentle witness for Christ in the Philosophy Dept. here. From what I can tell, they don’t encounter a lot of people that take their faith quite so seriously in the way it affects their philosophy. He has met quite a bit of resistance and struggled to gain the respect of his peers and professors, but the Lord has seen him through and I believe Ian’s being here really is making a way for future Christian philosophers. It is very exciting and humbling, even to be watching from the sidelines :)

Ok, seriousness aside.. He got very special things on his birthday.. like surprise fudge donuts with grapes for breakfast in bed and his favorite dinner (chicken enchiladas). AND he got a very nice bottle of wine from his wifey (because her other plans didn’t work, so rather than a fixed watch and a semi-nice bottle of wine, he got a still broken watch and a very nice bottle of wine :) that he is saving for a special occasion sometime next year or something. I’m not sure. He knows about these things and says it’s better to let that kind sit for a while. I just go with it.

We planned a little get-together with a group of friends on the weekend and it was a really nice time to hang out with people. We had a small spread of food that most definitely included… Cookie Monster!

He was especially loco this year :) I had several people tell me I should market myself as a specialty cake maker.. the only thing they didn’t consider was that cookie monster is all I have ever made. Oh, and the whole working from home thing I already do. Oh, and that whole baby thing that’s about to happen. But maybe someday! Because I would love to make cakes for people :) And make them bouquets of flowers. And plan their weddings. Wouldn’t that be fun??

Anyway, here is the birthday boy gleaming with his cake in the background..

And, a birthday wouldn’t be complete without a picture of us together!

Yay! We love being together! Oh, and you probably wouldn’t notice this, but see how I’m down to just a wedding band?? Yeah, I can’t keep the purdy one with a diamond in it on my finger before it gets stuck there for good.. Things are a little puffy around here. I sure do miss it though! I mean, it is my best friend and all.. Just kidding hubby! :)

And finally, I will leave you with a picture of this lovely flower. I got the itch to get some flowers for our window box again this year, so we picked out these!

They are called Fuschia and have been absolutely lovely! It’s really fun to watch the buds get big and heavy and then eventually just kind of fall open into these beautiful little alien flowers :) I love summertime!

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