Friday, September 25, 2009

Here’s the Scenario…

I had just finished changing Aed’s nappy and settled in to finish feeding him.

Enjoying a chat with my hubby when all of a sudden I feel a warm sensation on my stomach. At the same time, Aed stops sucking and gets a look on his face. Yes indeed, I’m getting peed on.

We had decided to run to Tesco for groceries since we ran out of food today so we took him upstairs to change his clothes.

Putting on the jacket, he spits up a huge amount all over his fresh clothes.

In the meantime, the doorbell rings. Some sweet friends brought us dinner. We invite them in for a chat and while we are chatting Aed poops (still wearing his spit up clothes).

We take him upstairs after they leave to change his nappy again and find he has pooped all over his clothes (even his socks). Which was exceedingly disgusting.

As we are changing his clothes after cleaning him up, we realize that he peed while his nappy was off and is sitting in a puddle.

We dry off the outside of the diaper (since nothing on the inside got wet), dry off him and the changing table, and put on some new clothes.

I’m not sure he could have fit more bodily functions into that time frame. Needless to say, we were impressed and very thankful he managed to do it all before we left the house :)

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