Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Weeks In

Well we’ve survived for two weeks with our little man :) This is largely due to the help of my mom.. I mean, we’d still be alive I’m sure if she weren’t here, but we’d probably all be naked, starving, slightly more insane, and smelly. I had no idea how much laundry that little body would produce!

I am feeling really good and very thankful for that. Being so sleep deprived makes recovering seem like it is taking forever, but I think we are well passed the worst of it. We’ve been getting out of the house most every day for errands and walks, to the doctor (I managed to get myself some mastitis), to a goodbye party, even to church yesterday. We haven’t quite mastered timing between feeds to where we get ourselves home before he’s a little mad about his empty tumtum, but it will get easier as he gets more consistent.

Here he is for one of his first strolls outside.

(Looking at this picture, I am reminded of this post that I wrote way back when.. I think I may have been right :)

All his clothes are still a little too big, so we do a lot of rolling of the cuffs so he doesn’t feel quite so much like a swimmer, and you know, so he can see out from under his hats.

Ian and I most definitely made a squirmer. This kid can get out of any swaddle. He has even escaped a miracle blanket – which is a kind of miraculous. He really likes to be swaddled though and sleeps really well when his hands are tied. When all the swaddle blankets are in the wash, I have to admit I’ve been reduced to clothespins a few times to try to keep his hands contained so he doesn’t disturb the peace by smacking himself in the face..

(You'll notice in this photo the mattress of his moses basket has a blanket wrapped around it. Our sensitive little guy just couldn't sleep on that thin, uncomfortable mattress! :) Also, after this pic was taken, I had to promptly add another clothespin because he could still hit himself in the face.. oh boy..)

Though we have some very not fun awake times (read: Aed screams his head off while we shush him and wiggle him and crinkle things at him and dance around the room with him and…), he has some really fun awake times too when he is peaceful and looking around at our faces and lights – he even looks at his black and white ‘Faces’ book (thanks Gartenmans!) with great intensity. We’re pretty sure he’s a genius.

Despite the moments of difficulty, we can’t get over his cuteness (we just said to each other this afternoon how cute he is even when he’s screaming :) and are both really enjoying being parents. We’ll see how we survive on our own come next week ::insert scary music here:: (but we’re trying not to think about that yet..)


  1. Thanks for the update! Life with a newborn is just zany, isn't it? But yes, the cuteness really makes up for it. Just for the record: it's ok to cry when your mom leaves. She is so helpful, and you are very hormonal! But things WILL even out as time goes by. Wish I could come cook you a meal... Love, K