Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6-week what?

Ok.. whoever said that babies start to chill out around 6 weeks of age should be locked in a room with a bunch of crying 7-week-olds at 2am. My guess is a man devised this empty promise, so he would therefore be up a creek without lactation and no way to soothe these babies. But are they really hungry, he wonders, maybe something else is wrong.. So he tries to soothe and they scream, and eventually he joins them in a quivering pool of tears, guilt, and despair, thinking their misery is somehow completely his fault. Then we will ask him to reconsider this theory.

(note: no 7-week-old babies were harmed in this scenario. The man with the theory however, was forever changed…)

Seriously though, our baby IS better and IS changing in wonderful and fun ways. He just didn’t really like his second night as a 7-week-old. Mama and Daddy have their suspicions as to why, so we’re going to try some new things and see how it goes.

BUT, he is smiling so much and crying a lot less.. Unless it’s the middle of the night and we just can’t possibly believe that he wants to eat AGAIN, then he has to cry a bit more to really convince us :) He has really great awake and alert times when he stares at everything and takes in his surroundings. He even does these cute little squeaky smiles that are on their way to being laughter. He knows Mama and Daddy’s voices and will look all around until he finds us if he hears us :) He is going down for daytime naps easier and we’ve found he is incredibly responsive to music to keep him calm. Now if we can just get his long nighttime sleeps back, we’ll be ecstatic! (Aaaaaaaaand we won’t mention how he still takes an hour to eat.. EVERY TIME.. Yeah, we won’t mention that..)

As promised though, we have some 6-7 week pictures, one of which will be on his passport for 5 years – too funny! It took us a great many tries to get one where he was looking at the camera and straight ahead. It was a good adventure :)

Here is the one we went with…

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  1. LOVE the passport pic. We still laugh out loud everytime we look at either of the kids passports. Too funny. I think the fussiness peaks around 6 weeks, but 4-8 weeks is a hard stretch. It will get easier from here on. So wish I could kiss that little guy!