Thursday, October 08, 2009

Many Faces of The Aedster

Since I have ALREADY gotten complaints that I am not posting enough pictures, I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse of the many.. many.. many faces I see my son make every day.

But first! I wanted to show you how we over-stimulate him :)

I thought it was hilarious because I was actually taking this picture to show how very long he is (almost 2 feet!), and then I looked at the picture and realized this little play area looks more like a torture chamber set up by over zealous parents! In actuality, we just throw all kinds of things in there around his feet. He really only looks at the walls and the books.. and occasionally the mirror :)

As your child grows, you look forward to various milestones.. This is one which I never thought our 5.5 week old would have reached yet! He received his first piece of mail! :) I had to smile when I saw this come through the door..

Not only was it mail for him, but it was a BILL for him! rackin em up already..

Now.. back to the faces..

I call this one 'It's too bright'. It has also gone by the name 'Man my head is heavy'.

This one I love. He is a beautiful, pensive baby boy.

And this one is the sweet face I often get when he's taking a break from his heavy head. :)

Ok, pretend he's looking in a mirror.. Now imagine him saying 'Heeeeeyyy handsome!' Love it!

This one is the 'WHATSGOINGONWHATSGOINGONWHATSGOINGON!?' face. Also known as crazy eyes.

My little angel..

Karaoke night!

A new discovery in the last few days.. his tongue! It is way longer than I thought and he has really started sticking it out :)

Then I started telling him a joke.. Here he is anticipating the punch line..

And this is him cracking up at my awesome delivery!

Kidding! He's not laughing yet of course, he's not THAT much of a genius. But, he is starting to give big grins as he looks around and he is very good at focusing on our faces.. Now if we can just get the grins to be because he is focusing on our faces we'll be in heaven!

This is what happened when I told him what I ate for dinner..

Kidding again! This is his 'I'm so done with this right now.. you better pick me up or you're going to hear about it..' face.

Nice, placid baby, looking out the window, waiting patiently while mama gets ready to feed him..

Fake out! The window is only a momentary distraction from the task at hand. As soon as he remembers what we're doing, heads and hands start flailing, mouths start masticating, and I hear about it if I am too slow!

So there you have it! Just a few of Aed's many endless (endlessly cute!) faces.


  1. Oh my goodness--could he be any cuter??!! I love him, can't wait to meet him someday! Love you, too! :)

  2. OH WOW!!!
    Catching up on your blog to find THIS.
    HOW CUTE!!! :)