Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Masterchef: The Professionals

You may have noticed that we have a baby. You may have noticed that he has kind of taken over this blog. You may think that he is the only thing we think about.

You may be right.. almost.

We have had the pleasure of having a TV license for the past two months that we have lived in our new house. It has been really fun to get exposure to British programming and learn all kinds of new things about fair Britain. For example..

If you watch a show one night and it’s on again the next, don’t just assume it will come on at the same time.

Shows about finding fabulous properties for people with money coming out their ears and shows about interesting and unusual people finding antiques are prime daytime television.

Soap operas are still not worth watching.

Very few commercials make any sense, let alone make us want to buy the product. (most of the time we have no idea what the product even is)

Game shows. Random news/let’s-find-ways-to-make-fun-of-the-news shows. Game shows. Food shows. Game shows. Come 5pm those are your options.

Ian loves British television.

Aside from the obvious (hello Xfactor!) the only show we managed to get hooked on was Masterchef: The Professionals. It was pretty much the best show ever. And it was inspiring. Professional chefs battling for their own restaurant. It was amazing to watch how they combined flavors I would never put together and presented them in an art form all their own. We started rooting for specific chefs and incorporating Michel Roux Jr’s critiques into our daily lives.. Words like ‘unctuous’ and ‘flavorsome’.. ‘I can’t believe you let your sauce split!’ and ‘Pretty as a picture’. Next thing I know, my husband has taken our boring breakfast and lunch combos and turned them into food presented in a way that you KNOW Michel would serve in his restaurant!

He brought me this little number one morning and got such good reviews he has repeated it many times over..

Is that not the image of a beautiful breakfast??

I also made a banana cake with cream cheese icing a few weeks ago for Bible study (DE-licious!) and, while I always enjoy making things look pretty, I have to admit I wondered what Michel would say.

I don’t think he would’ve liked the looks of it, but I think by taste he would certainly serve that cake in his restaurant! :)

Thank you Masterchef.. We will miss you.

p.s. don't EVER put potatoes and oranges on the same plate. EVER. Michel will never forgive you. I won't either.


  1. I'm so excited about your post! We LOOOOOOOVED Master Chef! We miss it so, and it makes me feel a little better to know you watched it. A recommendation: BBC1, 10 am on Saturdays: Saturday Kitchen. Guest chefs, a celeb they cook for, all kinds of fun little segments including bits of Master was our Saturday morning ritual. :-)

  2. Hi, um, I think I need some more Aed pictures... when you have a chance :)