Monday, December 07, 2009

Tales from a 3-Month-Old – My Baptism, My New Clothes, and A Few New Tricks

Several weeks ago, we had our little man baptized. We couldn’t have been happier that it was Alasdair that got to perform the baptism, and he really made it such a special occasion for all of us. The Free Church has become very dear to our hearts and we are so grateful that this is the congregation Aed will know as his first. We are beyond humbled by the graciousness of the Lord in allowing us to shepherd Aed for this time. We hope and pray that the Lord will use us in his life to point him to Christ day after day, to come alongside him as he learns and explores who he is in this wide world. He got a special certificate memorializing the day, as well as a Children’s Bible that we are looking forward to diving into!

He was looking pretty snazzy as well! This is the same little white tux that his cousin, Ben, was baptized in just four weeks after he was born. We got quite a few comments about how much everyone loved the little outfit :) We might be a little biased, but we thought he was definitely the most handsome guy in the room.

Last week I decided it was finally time to make a clothing swap as he just barely fit into most of his 0-3 month clothes. I did it just in time too, as he proceeded to impress us by gaining an inch of length one week and almost 12 ounces of weight the next! Daddy has decided that all the weight Aed gains goes straight to his neck.. can’t imagine why he might think that..

I have to admit as I pulled onesies out from the back of his drawers, I got a little teary eyed folding them away into storage.. The outfit he wore home from the hospital, the super cute overalls he wore every other day, all the onesies he used to swim in that I can hardly snap anymore..

It did make the transition slightly easier when I began pulling 3-6 month outfits from the suitcase and found that they are CUTE! He has so many great outfits for this stage of his little life, and I can’t believe that he already fits into so many of them perfectly! I don’t think they’ll last as long as Mama hopes they will :) He is just growing like a weed!

Now.. onto the new tricks and some new photos!

First of all, he is a super active little baby. Constantly moving, kicking, wiggling, and reaching. He has started grabbing for things and holding on tight to them! He loves playing with his Freddie the Firefly, pulling on his legs and crunching his wings. Aed loves to stand up and bounce up and down. If we put him on his tummy, he pulls his legs up under him in a crawling position and tries to scoot himself forward (I seriously freaked out the first time he did this), fortunately, his head is so darn big I don’t think he’ll be crawling any time soon :) When he pulls his legs up under him, it essentially brings about a face plant. He has also started rolling from his back to his side, though we haven’t gotten the full roll onto the tummy yet. I think in my head I’m just expecting him to always be a baby, so every time I see something new it surprises me :)

And we can’t forget his growing vocabulary! :) He makes SO many different sounds now and has really upped his communication if he is happy or upset. He gives us squeals and funny little laughs, he makes it very clear how much his dislikes having his shirts put on, and I promise you, the other day he gave me a nice big ‘MAAAAAAAAAAAAA’ :)

A new favorite past time – hand sucking!

Also attempting to suck on anything he might have in his hand, including Freddie, my hands, rattles, clothes, etc. This seems to be soothing when he is tired, but it makes him unbelievably angry when he is actually trying to get to sleep and his hands keep ending up in his mouth (not to mention the fact that he also frequently gags himself by sucking on the fingers a little too enthusiastically). I’d laugh at him if it weren’t so sad (ok, maybe I’ve laughed a few times :) So, needless to say, he still gets swaddled for sleeping. This actually has come in handy because swaddling = sleep time, so we can wrap him up and get him to sleep fairly easily regardless of where we go. (Fortunately, Mama is now an expert swaddler and does it so well even our little Houdini rarely gets out!)

Another thing that seems to soothe..

Sucking on the lower lip. He started doing this out of the blue one day when I was changing his diaper, and he will do it pretty much any time he’s getting sleepy now. Ian and I both think it’s hilarious and yet another quirk of his little personality.

He has become very stable in the last several weeks and has to be very tired to really lose control of his head (or on his tummy, in which case, he tends to face plant, as previously mentioned). This has been really fun because it means we can play with him a little more freely. It also means he now sits very well in his Bumbo and has a new view of the world around him!

I plopped him in there the other day and he enjoyed it for his entire playtime! He quickly discovered how delicious the doggies on his outfit were and that became quite the distraction..

It turns out though, that they are much harder to chew on without the assistance of the hands..

He certainly keeps us on our toes and provides us with lots of laughs and so much joy. Ian frequently struggles with the desire to go get him up again for cuddles after we’ve put him in bed for the night :) Fortunately, despite his active nature, he has become a pretty cuddly baby, something Mama is very thankful for!

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  1. I love that Ian was holding Aed for his baptism! That's really special (and also reduces the baby-screaming-because-the-minister-is-holding-him syndrome). Thanks for sharing your joys with us.