Thursday, October 07, 2010

Sometimes you just need a walking stick..

Ok, well, we’re pretty sure that was some dog’s fetching stick, but it easily became Aed’s walking stick!

He walked all over with that thing. We went out with the intention of going to the swings, but once the stick was in his hand, we didn’t make 10 yards from the house :)

By the way.. he’s wearing my absolute favorite pants in these pics. Sadly, they are no longer in rotation. This was their final debut. It might be hard to believe, but they had to be peeled off of him, so I decided it was time. Sigh.

Well, Mama decided that while we were out we should pick some berries. We have a little blackberry bush growing over our garden wall, and there are lots of bushes all along the path we live on. We started in the backyard and that’s where the love story begins..

I didn’t think he’d find his true love so soon, nor did I think he’d choose one so immodest. But she is just his size I suppose..

Thankfully, she doesn’t stray far, so we can go out and visit her as often as we like :)


  1. He is so cute! Glad to see him in that jacket too. Brings back fond memories of Callum last fall/autumn. That jacket has made the rounds. I think he is the third or fourth child to wear it now.

  2. Yay! I love recycled clothing :) It's about all he's worn! Can't thank you enough for those bags of clothes.