Thursday, February 03, 2011

Caught red-handed!

Though it is not always necessary, I tend to get nervous when I realize that I haven't heard Aed making any noise in a while. Usually I find him quietly perusing his books or playing with puzzle pieces. However, sometimes I find him being quiet for sneaky reasons. Sneaky reasons like this:

I have to admit, unless he's doing a 'no no' I usually laugh when I find him. How can you not laugh at his sheepish little smile. He knows he was caught :) He loves the cabinet with the fish food (which also contains various party supplies), and after a few days of straws all over the floor, mama found a new container that the Aedster doesn't know how to open yet. Mama can be sneaky too :)

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  1. Corrie, I finally got a chance to catch up on your blog and all of your activities since Thanksgiving. I've clearly been missing out! Aed is so big!!! You guys all seem to continue to have wonderful adventures and I love reading about them. Thank you so much for sharing your life with the blogosphere. Also, congratulations on THE BABY!!! Oh my goodness, I love babies. Praying for a swift and easy (as much as it can be) pregnancy.