Friday, February 11, 2011

A Little Bit of Valentine's Day

So I know it's not really Valentine's Day yet.. And, to be honest, the old V-day has never been a favorite of mine. I mean, I like getting flowers as much as the next girl, but it always seemed a little too unspontaneous to have the commercial world at large hand us a holiday on a red and white platter so we don't forget to tell people we love them. Not to mention the pressure - THE PRESSURE! The silly pressure.. The undue alone-ness of people who aren't in a relationship. Whatever. There are some downsides to the pink holiday.

But. BUT. This year, something got into me. I needed hearts! I needed special things! I needed to acknowledge Valentine's Day more than ever!

Confusing. Yes.

Maybe because I have a toddler? Maybe because it gives me an excuse to bake and do out-of-the-ordinary crafts? I just don't know where this urge has come from.

So anyway, I up and did some V-day stuff.

And Aed helped. :)

(73 points to anyone who can find a snowflake! It was randomly snowing when I took this picture :)

Aed and I worked together coloring on some paper, which mostly turned into making lots of tiny dots and putting the crayons into and then taking them out of the container. Which was very fun, I must say, and most heartbreaking when it had to end. Seriously, there was a melt down of the cutest variety when the crayons were put away.

Then I took our colored papers and cut hearts out of them. Then I cut the heart silhouettes out of the paper as well and hung them in our windows. So we have colorful hearts in all our downstairs windows. And I like it. It's so weird!

I had to make snacks earlier this week for an activity, and what did I do? I sought out a Valentine's Day recipe. More hearts!

Shortbread cookies dipped in and drizzled with chocolate. Hearts and circles, because really, I don't have a cookie cutter and it took a long time to cut out hearts.

Turns out if you want everyone to ooh and ahh, you just have to drizzle! If only they had seen the ridiculous mess I made making them :) Maybe not so impressive.

So I have my hearts, with more to come! We are having a Valentine's Day family dinner on Monday! When will it end? I don't know what I am going to do with myself in March. St Patrick's Day? I think I am turning into an elementary school teacher. What's a girl to do?

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