Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nobody know the trouble I've seen..

Aed loves loves loves to be outside. Any time we go somewhere or run errands, as soon as we get to the path that runs along the way to our house, I get him out of the stroller so he can walk. He usually starts requesting this long before we get to the 'safe zone' for his meanderings. He starts saying 'Walk? Walk? Walk?' Words with 'k' sounds are absolutely hilarious when he says them. He kind of lateral-lisps the 'k' at the end so it drags out into Walkkkkk with a bunch of gurgley sounds. I love it.

So anyway, he hops out and goes to all the 'dates' (gates) that lead to peoples' front doors. He touches each one and then when he runs out of gates he touches the 'nones' (stones) that make up the stone wall along the path. He occasionally stops to stomp on the storm drains as well :) Recently we discovered moss (which sounds like moss when he says it..) growing on a lower part of the wall, and it turns out Aed thinks moss is delicious. Before I knew it, he had a little hunk in his mouth and was saying 'Mmmmmmmm!' very enthusiastically.

He is enthralled with pointing out birds, dogs, and cars. He knows the words and the sound each thing makes and gets so excited when he sees one.

Going on walks with a one year old is fabulous. Unless you're in a hurry, that is.

Well sometimes in all the excitement, his lack of coordination gets the better of him. He gets going too fast, loses his balance, and..

Gets lovely injuries. Fortunately he gets over them quickly (moss!) and they certainly don't dissuade his enthusiasm.

Tired legs and rosy cheeks are signs of a few well-spent minutes discovering the wonders of outside.


  1. Such a great life for a 1 year old boy! Love it!

  2. Sweet boy! Those early words are so very fun to hear! I hate those long seconds when you realize your little one is about to fall, but you can't catch them fast enough...torture for Mom. Thank goodness they are so resilient.

  3. We are having so much fun with him! I LOVE hearing all the words he can say :) And yes, we are always thankful to see how resilient he is.. he's a little boy, so falling down comes with the territory!

  4. You are such a wonderful mother.... you are so into his world and I am so grateful that you can share with us through the blog. I can't wait for my next trip out there. I miss you all.

  5. Thanks Kathy! We miss you too! :)