Sunday, June 05, 2011

A Weekend Away

For Mother’s Day, a friend’s husband had the bright idea that his wife might like a weekend away sans baby. His idea got brighter when he decided to include two of her friends in the weekend, and make it an excursion to see another friend that moved to a different area of Scotland a few years ago.

Turns out, I was one of those lucky friends!

Joy, Sara, and myself set out on a lovely weekend in May (the weekend of the Royal Wedding Extravagaanza!) for the little village of Kiltarlity to visit our friend Anna. Her husband is pastoring a church there while he earns his PhD from St Andrews, and I haven’t seen them since they moved away, so it was great to catch up!

Did I mention none of us had our babies in tow?

Did I mention it was the first time this had happened for all of us?

Did I mention how much we all missed them? :)

We kept commenting on how weird it was that we were getting up whenever we wanted, eating lunch whenever, not working around naptimes, staying up too late, eating chocolate without hiding it, not wiping tushies or faces.. it was so weird! And such a nice break from the routine!

We talked and talked, and I was amazed (though not surprised) at how often and how easily childbirth and child rearing came up in conversation :). Three of the four of us are pregnant, and we all have beloved kiddos, so it was a very natural topic.

We wandered through Inverness on a little shopping/dinner excursion. We visited another little town and saw some ruins. We attended the Barnard’s church and thoroughly enjoyed hearing Joe’s preaching again.

Joy, Sara, Corrie, Anna. I totally win the ‘Most Pregnant’ award :)

It was such a nice weekend to enjoy friends and time away. It made me realize just how much I love my roles as wife and Mama, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!


  1. Hello! My name is Kelly. My husband and I live in Orlando, Fl and we have four children (all under 4)! My husband would like to get his PhD from St. Andrews ( he wants to study with NT Wright). Is there any way you could give your friends (the pastor and his wife) my email? I'd love to get in touch with a family that lives near St Andrews. It seems like all accommodations near the school are only one or two bedrooms. We aren't sure what other areas in Fife are good for families and for commuting to the campus. Any help would be appreciated! My husband is a musician and has his MA in biblical studies. Sounds like we all have a lot in common! My email is I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of your blog! Congratulations on baby Asher! He's beautiful!!

  2. I didn't realize that you are also in St. Andrews! I thought I read that you had traveled from somewhere else to a town near St. Andrews to visit someone in school there. I just read further.. obviously you are probably very busy with your newborn, but when you get a chance, (in like 6 months lol) I'd love to pick your brain a bit! :)