Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear Aed..

I’ve been thinking and decided it’s high time to write down some things that I adore about you right now.

You are such a big boy.. almost three! I can hardly believe that’s possible. I am so amazed when I watch you engage with your world. Even on the boring days when we stay inside and do nothing much, you seem to find things to wonder about (Mama, what’s that sound?), things to attempt (Look, Mama! I’m jumping on the couch!), things to take in (Mama, I saw a campervan! Is another one coming?). Watch out on the days we go out and do something exciting. You will play in the rain until you’re shivering uncontrollably and run through the park until your head is dripping with sweat and swim until you’re so tired you can’t walk. Daddy and I have to get awfully creative to find ways to get you to willingly come inside.

Last time enjoying the West Sands

On a walk, randomly stopped, sat down, and informed us he was 'praying for Pippers' (my parents' dog)

Showing me a beetle he had accidentally destroyed in his quest to figure out what it was doing
You are an incredibly sensitive little soul. The things that seem to touch you or upset you never cease to surprise me. A rousing rendition of ‘On Top of Spaghetti’ that brings you to tears (What happened to the poor meatball?). A simple noze nuzzle that fills your face with that sweet little grin. The request for a BIIIIIG kiss before bed that sends you giggling. Your concern that Mama is ok when she accidentally trips over the buggy (you actually tried to help Mama up, you sweet thing!) or when she burnt the cake (The cake is burning and that makes you sad, Mama.).

You are so enthusiastic about the scenarios you come up with for your toys. Your brother often tries to get involved, which inevitably leads to you throwing your body over your toys to protect them from his little fingers. But, you are getting so good at finding other toys for him to play with to distract him from the ones you are using, and you never turn down an opportunity to run around with your little companion (sharing is easier when we’re sharing steps and giggles than when we’re sharing toys, huh buddy?). I love to listen as you play, to hear the creativity pour out of you, unbound by the practicality and realism we wrap around ourselves in adulthood. Scooters talk to space ships which become goggles that talk to bugs that fall into ditches only to be rescued by the monkey puppet that was just waking up from his nap after you so lovingly tucked him in.

Showing Mama his hot air balloon (see the basket underneath? :)

Another entertaining bit of you that has been ongoing for quite some time now is the way you narrate your own actions. You scream a phrase and conclude by saying, ‘Aed screamed.’ You peer around a corner all the while saying, ‘Then Aedster peeeeered around the corner.’ We often overhear little mumbles about Aed looking out the window, or Aed ‘buffing’ something out of someone’s hand. (You also like to make up action words that are quite cute.)

Did you know peanut butter and jelly tastes better with a hat on?

And playing with Daddy, oh now that is something. There isn’t a boy in this house that doesn’t love playing with Daddy. Be it ‘flying like a police car’ or being chased down the hallway, or singing silly songs together during baths, there is always endless squealing when Daddy is involved. Not to mention the reading. You love to read with anyone, but Mama knows reading with Daddy is special. You’d sit for hours if his voice would hold out. You love Thomas, Curious George, Bob the Builder, Things That Go, Little Critter, anything Dr. Seuss, and on and on. It is rare to find a book you won’t happily listen to, expressing yourself as you sit. I love to watch you fold your hands in your lap, only to cover your eyes or hold your chin when it looks like George is getting himself into trouble again.

You are so friendly. It seems you know no strangers when we’re out. Charming the librarians with your, ‘Hi there! Can I help you?’ and the gas station clerks with, ‘Oh hi! What’s your name?’ We do get the occasional quizzical look when you approach an unsuspecting person with a, ‘Where are you going?’ Or, ‘What are you doing?’ And you’re always asking Mama, ‘Who’s that?’ ‘What’s his name?’ Because obviously, Mama knows everything.

You are handsome and rambunctious. You are feisty and sweet. You are cuddly and outgoing. You are shy and careful. You are amazing.

There is no part of me that doesn’t love you. I love imagining who you will be as I learn more about who you are. Wondering how all this energy will take shape. The last three years have been a wild ride. My first baby, my first Buddy, the first voice that dubbed me Mama. You are the one and only, my little Aedster.