Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Was what came enthusiastically from our big boy’s mouth when we asked him how old he was last Thursday.

That day marked three years. Three whole years since we first saw our son’s face. Since we heard his voice for the first time and cuddled his tiny body. I remember so much of that day so vividly, and yet so much of it is a blur. I felt his tiny body and the first thing I said was, ‘He’s real!’ I couldn’t believe he was real. Sometimes when I look at him I still can’t. I have a hard time even believing how much he has changed since his last birthday.

The only thing that has really changed about him since my last post is he is almost completely potty trained! He’s going all day in undies and all poop and pee goes in the potty – amazing! I never thought he’d catch on as quickly as he did (especially after the first week when it seemed he still had no idea what was going on, ha!) and he loooooves getting special stickers when he goes. It’s so great to see him so proud of his newfound independence!

We kicked his big day with Aed’s favorite breakfast – pancakes! The child loves breakfast anyway, but when it’s pancakes he eats as much as Daddy does :). I threw in a few chocolate chips here and there just for fun.

I did attempt a mickey mouse, but found it more creepy than fun, so I didn't mention to him what it was supposed to be.

Since our apartment is so small and we don’t know lots of people yet, we just had a small group of people over to celebrate Aed’s birthday. He really wanted a Thomas cake. Then he really wanted a Cars cake. Then Thomas. Then Cars. So we compromised. 

I had SO much fun coming up with this cake and figuring out what to use to make the various parts. I love decorating baked goods, but I also love avoiding piping bags whenever possible :). I only had to pipe a tiny part of this cake, which was great, and everyone loved it (though after seeing it, the Birthday Boy just wanted to play with Thomas and Lightning). Makes me very excited for our next cake celebration!

We had a delicious dinner of Aed’s favorites as well: Hamburger Things (A Goshert Classic that I have passed on to my husband and children), macaroni and cheese (aka orange pasta), broccoli, and fruit salad. We also had plenty of time to play and open presents and we just couldn’t believe how blessed we were! Our little guy is such a gift to us, and we are so thankful for him.

Another thing I started with him this year is the 20 Questions Project. You can learn more about it here, and I thought it sounded like such a fun idea! Basically, starting on birthday #3, you ask your child 20 questions about their favorite things and write it down. I've made a little album for Aed (and have one waiting for Asher) to keep pictures of him (and his cakes/parties) along with his answers to the questions each year. What a special thing for all of us to have to look through and see how our little guy has grown!

Just as a p.s. Aed has done this for a long time and I love it..

He ‘tucks in’ various toys so they can have naps. So cute! :)   


  1. Happy Birthday to your super cute little man! That's one awesome cake! I remember the days when I was excited about making cakes... They have passed. Long may you decorate!

  2. Thanks Kristin! Ha! I can't imagine days when I won't be excited about making cakes, but I'm sure they will come as the birthdays pile up.

  3. Yeah, I kind of didn't like myself for saying that, but I left it because it's true for me! I never want to be one of those, "Oh, just you wait..." moms. I really do hope you love it forever! I just did enough birthdays and showers that I lost my love for cake and frosting in general, and while I still make cakes, I find myself looking for the easy ones rather than the big challenge! This year I asked the kids to consider "cake-alternative desserts" but they didn't go for it. ;-)

  4. Maybe you can convince them next year? :) Don't worry! I totally understand what you mean.. anything can get old if you have to do it too often. It's a good idea to get your girls in on it, though.. they've done some great cakes!