Friday, August 31, 2007

Chicago hoooooo!!!!!

First of all, I have to say, isn’t my husband so good at posting on the blog? It was his first time and I think he did a fantastic job ☺

Ok, so today is the day! We slept in our oh-so-comfortable bed for the last time before we leave. That’s gonna be a hard one to leave. That bed is soooo comfortable. Man. I hope our bed in Scotland is comfy ☺. Anyway, we’ve packed all our bags, with only 2 of them being overweight! (though that’s just according to our scale, we’re praying that’s accurate on the airport scales as well) So we have LOTS of luggage. 5 big bags, 2 carry ons, and 2 personal bags, and 2 coats… I’m not sure who’s going to carry all of that ☺ Thank the Lord for that taxi driver that’s going to meet us in Edinburgh! I bet he’ll help.

We did a great job packing (according to me ☺) so hopefully we’ll be ready for anything. We did discover that hubby’s clothes are quite a bit heavier than mine, but that’s ok because he doesn’t need as many. So, anyways (I know when I’ve said that more than once that I need to get focused or quit typing!) we are leaving for Chi-town this afternoon and saying goodbye to all things familiar except our clothes and each other’s faces! I’d say overall the mood is anxious and excited. Any time I remind Ian of more things we need to do, he does his beautiful fake vomit sound, which tells me I’m not the only one with butterflies in my stomach ☺ We have our expectations for our ‘flat’ very low because we have absolutely NO idea what to expect.. they told us this week they can’t give us an inventory because they’re still putting things in it.. so I guess that’s good. I just hope that doesn’t mean they can’t quite fit the bed in the door ☺ Seriously though, God is good and this will be fun! He has provided beyond our wildest imaginations and I think I’m going to need to write that really big and hang it on the fridge so I don’t worry about things all the time. We are going to see the Ellis’s soon after we arrive so we can freak out about being in Scotland together ☺ And, I might need to pack a chill pill because I get so giddy when I hear Scottish accents I might explode when we walk off the plane. We’ll update as soon as we can! Oh, and our address is different than we thought so please email us to get the correct one if you don’t have it already…

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  1. Man, I bet Corrie has a great Dad!