Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I got a job, right?

Ok, so I had an interview yesterday in the morning at a design company here in St Andrews. It went very well and I personally thought I would be able to fit right in with them. They had me stay until 2 pm (I got there at 10 am) to do some designing for them so they could see how I work. In the time that I was there I was interviewed, I designed 2 pieces, met most of the gang, learned how to use one of the many printers, was asked when the next soonest day I could come in was, was told how much they would pay me, and was asked to bring in my bank info… But no one ever said – you’ve got a job! – so I remain unconvinced… They also explained to me that I would probably be working 2 days a week in the office with additional take-home jobs until August when one of the designers goes on maternity leave (9 months to a year). Then, if all has been going well up to that point, my understanding is that I would move into her position until she comes back.

So I think I have a job. I’m super excited if I do! :) I have really been hoping for more ways to get involved in the community here and to get out of the house, so this is a real answer to prayer. Not to mention that whole steady paycheck thing.. That’s definitely a bonus. Pray that all goes well and that I mesh into the group and learn things quickly so that they’ll want to keep me :)



  1. Congrats! I know earning £ is a big plus living here! Sounds like they want you and you'll fit right in :)

  2. Hey! Congratulations :) Well done - I am sure they will be so pleased with your work (and you will learn a lot too).

    You may sign a contract at some point which would make it 'official' but it sounds like you are a soon to be a working woman!