Monday, March 17, 2008

Well this is new...

Growing up in Anderson, Indiana means many things, and one of those things is being frequently exposed to motorcycles and mopeds, especially in the summertime. Lots of long, straight roads with beautiful sunsets, all kinds of lush greenery filling backyards and the spaces between the fields, wildlife, and warm summer air.. I mean, I'd want to go for a ride as well.

Then, I lived in Upland, Indiana while at college - home to the best ice cream in the world (and I don't think anyone can convince me otherwise) at Ivanhoe's. In the summertime there are always motorcycle gangs that come through and stop at Ivanhoe's for some ice cream. They come from all over for the many treats that rural Indiana offers in the summer, including things like strawberry festivals, rummage sales, James Dean festivals (well, lots of festivals.. and fairs), old car shows, ice cream, etc.

As we were walking home from church on Sunday, I officially saw something I have never seen before. A moped gang. I'm not exaggerating, there were at LEAST 20 mopeds in the line (and 2 stragglers that came a few minutes later). It was amazing. They came right out of downtown St Andrews heading in the direction of the East Neuk. I have to admit, I laughed. I mean they were grown men on little tiny mopeds painted all kinds of colors... It was funny. I so wished that I had brought my camera to document this new experience.

I considered as well that it seemed fitting that rather than seeing a motorcycle gang (though there are motorcycles around) we saw a moped gang.. a moped, a significantly smaller version of a motorcycle. Like most of the vehicles here, significantly smaller than what you'd generally find in the states.

I got a kick out of it :)


  1. What a cute story! :)

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and giving me the link for the chocolate recipe. I've never tried it before, nor have I heard of it, but I love chocolate, so I'll have to get it a shot one day!
    I, too, have heard that fondant tastes gross, but homemade marshmallow fondant is pretty tasty (although difficult and sticky to make).
    Thank you again for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind and helpful comment!

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