Monday, July 28, 2008

Let’s Play Catch-Up Part I

First of all, my apologies for the last post. I’m not going to remove it, because it is all true to things I think about, but it wasn’t exactly a pick-me-up I don’t think :)

Second of all, we have a lot of catching up to do! I’m going to post about our last month and a half in installments over the next few days so as not to overwhelm you. But, I’m putting up the slideshow of everything now. So, you can see pictures, and then get the rest of the story as I post. Just in case – this is probably so dumb – but just in case. You can click on the slideshow images on the right to see the whole album with captions. Just didn’t want anyone to be trying to see all our pictures in those little tiny images :)

We live in a university town (um.. yeah.. where are you going with this??) which means it is a very fluid community. Which means we say goodbye a lot :( You’ll remember we said goodbye to some dear friends not too long ago and because we have such thoughtful, well-organized women in this community, we had a big “Farewell Frolic” to say adieu to several families that are moving on later this summer, or have done so already.

There was dancing…

Relay races…

And an eating competition. Well, it’s no surprise which person our team picked to take care of us in the eating competition. And I must say, I don’t think anyone was surprised when he finished his food in like 10 seconds (it may have been a little longer than that, but it was super fast).

The challenge was to eat a scotch pie, a fudge donut, and drink an IRN BRU first. So, for your viewing pleasure…

THEN, Ian and I had what we might consider to be the most amazing cultural experience we’ve ever had in our lives (I know you’re thinking it’s going to be hard to beat the eating contest, but just wait..). We are members of Historic Scotland and so get informed of some great things going on at HS locations… Including St Andrews Castle. We got an ad in the mail about a Romeo & Juliet performance coming to the castle and I immediately showed it to Ian with a ‘pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease’ look on my face. Long story short, he wanted to see it as much as I did, so we forked over the money and made a date of it. We made a fun little fruit and custard tart to take with us and sat in the grass to watch an AMAZING production of Shakespeare, in the castle grounds with the North Sea at our backs and the seagulls flying overhead. (this is the part where I don’t mention I was wearing a sweatshirt, a spring jacket, and my winter jacket.. Yes. I am the ultimate pansy.) I’m telling you. We were talking about it for days and even now can’t believe what an experience it was. It was incredible. Sadly, no pictures allowed, so this is all you get…

The weekend before we left for our visit to the states (no I don’t think I mentioned that trip on the blog prior to our taking it, but maybe I did) we went to visit the Ellis family in Aberdeen simply because it had been a while since we’d seen them, and we knew there was potential for it to be a long while before we had another chance to see them. We had a super fun weekend with them and we brought our Frisbee, so we made good use of that in a park there (I think I got distracted about every 3 minutes by all the dogs I wished I could snuggle). Lily wasn’t so into that whole Frisbee thing, though she did manage to give it a toss a few times, so we went for a walk.

And look at this weirdness I found – so cool!

We had a picnic and wandered around Union Street (including a visit to Poundland!!), and Brannan took us to the Maritime Museum because they had a deep-sea display that was freeeeeeeaky. But muy interesante. And, here is a picture of the ginormous boats that hang out in the harbour there..

A little different from St Andrews harbour :)

We are so thankful to have the Ellis family here in Scotland and for their good cookin and hospitality to us each time we visit! Oh, and we’re are super excited for their exciting news – Ellis bun number 2 is in the oven!! :)

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