Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let’s Play Catch-Up Part II

It started out a beautiful day and a beautiful plan… We were taking the latest train to Edinburgh, snoozing in the airport and enjoying the money we didn’t have to spend on a hotel room to make our 6 am flight the next day. And it worked beautifully.. Until we got off the train in Edinburgh. We normally take the airport bus from the train station to the airport, and it’s just right outside Waverley station. Well, a night bus runs all night as well, which was perfect for us to get ourselves to the airport. So we waited. And we waited. And we kept waiting… It was supposed to come every hour and buses kept circling around but the would never ever ever stop for us. Sometimes they would stop, but then they’d turn off completely while the bus driver sprinted into a building avoiding conversation with us in any way, and then they’d come back out and drive away. Well after a few hours (note: we arrived in Edi at about midnight, so after a few hours.. well you can do the math.. we were cold and tired) we were getting pretty frustrated and not understanding what was going on. So, I looked at the bus schedule (for the second time) and noticed a little blurb saying ‘after 23:45 buses pick up at the Waverley steps’. And then I think ‘Daaaaaaang it.. I have no idea where the Waverly steps are’. Well, it turned out they were just a little ways further up and over from where we were, so we did eventually get the bus, but somehow managed to not have the right amount of money (because he needed exact change and we were prepared to pay the same price as the day bus, which was a different amount). But, the driver was so nice and made us get in after expressing that he was certainly not going to leave us on the street in the middle of the night. So we got him the money after getting to the airport and maybe got a couple minutes of shut eye between the small children playing some stupid game the airport provides as entertainment (this is where I admit that I wanted to play too but Ian didn’t want me to because I would wake people up.. sadly those kids’ parents did not tell them that) and the 24 hour coffee shop that just kept on goin. So, we were very tired by the time we got on the plane. And then the next plane. And then the next plane. BUT, oh so happy when we were greeted by smiling faces and offers of yummy food :)

So we spent a total of three weeks in the states. It was by far the craziest trip ever, but we had so much fun spending time with people. We visited as much family as we could and some friends as well, drove an insane amount (including a trip to Florida to see my family down there along with Hope, Wes, and Ben) during that time and I think we are both very ok with the fact that we won’t be driving any time soon. We were very burnt out by the end of the 2nd week, but we made it and SO enjoyed each person we spent time with right on through the 3rd week. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to be back at Westminster for two Sundays to catch up with so many of you who have been faithful in praying for us. We are just SO SO SO thankful for each of our family members who were hospitable to us in our nomadic state and willing to fill us up with many foods we have missed, and for giving us many, many great memories. And we are thankful to all of the friends and other loved ones who took time out to spend with us to maintain those important relationships that could so easily be left to the wayside. God has given us so much and we are so humbled.

A few cutsies of Benny Baby (who, I was recently informed, is quite the chunky monkey at 18 lb 12 oz and not quite 4 months old!) and a pic on the fourth of July – probably the most thankful we’ve ever been on a fourth of July to celebrate the liberties we have in our country. We couldn’t be more thankful for the many people throughout our nation’s history that have been willing to be a part of something bigger than themselves – a task that is not easy or taken lightly.

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