Sunday, May 17, 2009

It only took forever: A New Belly Shot!

I know.. It’s been over a month.

I have a million excuses you’re not interested in, so just accept my apologies :)

There has been lots of abundant growth on this side of the ocean as of late! Ian has to remind me that this is supposed to be happening every time I look in the mirror. I am finding that after spending my whole life being fed with ideas about what a woman should look like, it’s a little deflating to so readily pack on the pounds. But, my vanity aside, everyone is doing really well. Baby Church is kicking me all the time these days and Ian’s new favorite pastime is to watch my belly shift and move as Baby squirms. I love being pulled back to reality when I’m caught up in work or in my own thoughts by his obvious presence in there. According to our reading, he weighs about 2 pounds now, so if you want to ‘hold’ him, just grab 2 pounds of meat next time you’re at the grocery store :)

I am having all kinds of crazy dreams, most of the time about giant insects, my grandparents, random violent occurrences, or combinations of all sorts of people and events from times in my life that have never overlapped in real life. I also do a lot of thinking. I would love to write it all out and post about it, but that might never happen.. at least not until I’m done working full time!

And now… the belly!

What did I tell you? Quite a bit bigger than last time :) This is my 26 week belly. I still have a belly button at the moment, but we were both marveling today at how shallow it has gotten. You’ll also notice a rosy nose and cheeks! That’s because we’ve had lots of sunny, beautiful days leading to some pigment in my skin and even some freckles making their summer debut!

Hopefully my next post won’t be quite so far away. We are having our first visitors of the season starting a week from Monday, so we should have lots to share!


  1. You are a beautiful pregnant woman! Your belly is very cute. Glad you are enjoying feeling that baby kick now. Just wait another month and then your belly will REALLY be moving around. :)

  2. You look stunning Corrie! How are you feeling? Hope you are really well! Julie

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