Monday, April 05, 2010

That is SO Moreish!

Moreish is a word used in the UK that I had a hard time grasping. I heard it a lot in reference to food, but in my head it looked like this: Moorish. I could not understand what all these people were talking about, calling everything from cherries to stuffed salmon Moorish!

This perplexed me slightly, but not so much that I did anything about it.

The, one day, someone flipped the switch upstairs.

Not Moorish, moreish!!

As in, that is amazing, please give me MORE!

You can imagine the confusion I had been experiencing up to this point.

Then, I thought, what a funny, literal way to describe the morsel you just placed on your tongue.

So now, when I pull out the cracker box and find this on the back..

I can wholeheartedly agree!

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