Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dear Asher..

We certainly don’t want your brother to steal the show! What with the timing of my post to Aed and his birthday, it’s starting to seem like you only show up in the background of pictures.. but we both know that isn’t true, don’t we?

So, let’s see.. First of all, you have perfected your Duck Face, much to our surprise.

You started giving us the pout one night at dinner, and now you think it’s just the funniest thing to make Mama and Daddy laugh with your poochy lips. We aren’t complaining! :)

You are the most daring little climber. I can’t tell you how many times Daddy and I have given each other ‘the look’, incredulous that you have found yet another way to get yourself into a precarious situation.
This was just the beginning of your shenanigans. You absolutely love stepping on things (walking down the hall to our door takes forever because there are just so many wonderful door mats to step on!), climbing on them, and you take it like a champ when you (almost inevitably) fall down. We have had to draw the line at some things that are just too high (which brings about much angry squealing from your cute little mouth), but usually we just let you have at it and see what you are capable of.

Another way you love to play is by laying down and moving anything with wheels back and forth.

You most certainly learned this from your brother, and it is hilarious to see such a tiny guy imitating his big brother so nonchalantly in this way. But sometimes, you are the teacher. This..

had never occurred to Big Brother until he saw you doing it. And you both seem to think it’s the best thing ever. Needless to say, the bathroom door is usually closed when you are awake.

Fortunately for the toilet roll, you still sleep a lot! Two naps a day that are a minimum of two hours each! Makes it a bit hard to get out and about, but you are so easy going that you don’t mind if we push into naptime a bit. And you are SO cuddly when you’re tired.

I have never known such an enthusiastic cuddler. You hug your blankie and suck your paci for all they’re worth. You love to lay your head on Daddy’s shoulder or cuddle in to Mama’s neck. You are just the sweetest thing, and we do not take your cuddles lightly. We know that they are special and they are something we will always treasure.

Your hair is nice and curly and your eyes are still a beautiful, clear blue. Something we get a lot of comments on.

They are stunning in the window light and something Mama never gets tired of looking at. You will have the capability of being quite a heartbreaker, but Mama and Daddy are going to try to teach you to use these powers for good and not evil :)

You are a very good little eater, but a bit unpredictable. Figuring out what to feed you is always a task, as it is very possible that you will adamantly refuse to eat something you happily enjoyed yesterday. I am pretty certain this is not true pickiness, but just you exercising some control and preference in your little life, and I am happy (though sometimes exasperatedly so) to oblige and find you just the right thing to eat.

Your recent food love is devouring and mangling chunks of apple till they are mushy piles of grossness that not even you want to eat.

You have followed in your Mother’s footsteps of loving fruit far more than veggies  (the intense passion comes from your Father, however :). Something we will work on, but for now food is fun and a learning experience. You don’t seem at all as bothered as your brother is by messy hands, and don’t seem to have any real allergies (yay!). Though when we feed you hummus this happens..

so we don’t do that anymore.

You are perfecting many adorable animal sounds (with Mama’s version of a zebra being your favorite) and we are continually amazed at how much more you are interacting with the things you see around you. You are a wonderful addition to our family and we could not be more thankful for you. We love you dearly (even Big Brother, who declared you his best friend just a few days ago!) and you fill our hearts so full of love and pride. You are precious, you are enthusiastic and passionate, you are sweet and cuddly, you are friendly and adorable. It is a wonderful thing to be in your presence, little Ash-matash, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

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