Thursday, September 27, 2012

Indiana Days: Time Outside

Something I loved about our time in Indiana was the warm Spring that tickled our senses and lured us outside. After what felt like a dark and heavy winter, we were raring to go as soon as temperatures were above 60. It seemed like every time we went for a walk one of us, who had recently made the jump across the pond, made a comment about how warm it was, while others of us, who had not, rolled their eyes or suggested we put another layer on the boys. A perfect balance :).

There is so much to do at my parents’ house when you are a child! Three levels on which to play, a long driveway for long walks, a yard that wraps around the house with soft, Indiana grass, and a forest full of sounds that tempt the imagination. Even a swing set! 

Some days we went outside and created fun..

Pip hates to miss out on fun

Other days we had fun watching what Outside did all by itself..

Flat land and clouds really is a wonderful combination for sunsets

Signs of Spring!

New, soft grass

We took trips to the park and some of us screamed and flailed and tried to be so heavy when it was time to go. But we went back again anyway.

We rode little tractors..

And big ones..

But in the end, decided to just stick with the little ones. The big ones are far too loud.

We did LOTS of swinging..

We quickly learned that Aed would swing for well over an hour if allowed

Lots of walking the dog..

And lots of learning to play together, inside or out.

I cherished those outside days, and I cherish them still. Outside isn’t quite so easy here, which makes me all the more thankful for our Outside Spring.

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