Monday, March 15, 2010

Making Noises with Daddy

No, not THOSE kind of noises, silly.

A few days ago Daddy was playing with Aed while Mama got dinner ready. She heard much commotion and laughter coming from the living room and decided to investigate while the soup bubbled away.

This is what she found..

It melted her heart.

Daddy was helping expand Aed’s vocabulary by making all kinds of noises.

Some of them were captivating..

Some of them were worthy of a little giggle..

Some of them were just s’darn funny they made ya just go ahead and pee your pants..

Oh, HI Mama!

The click of the shutter pulled the Aedster’s attention away from Daddy momentarily.

Daddy did not approve.

This is serious business, Mama. That’s what he told me.

Then he said he was just kiddin.

So I took a family photo.

And I went back to my bubbling soup while they went back to their noises.

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  1. So precious! Thanks for sharing that little moment with us. :)