Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So.. This is what I was actually planning to say..

I had great intentions, as you may have noticed by the first few lines, as I sat down to write yesterday’s post to update you on all of Aed’s seven-month amazingness. And then, as I began to write my heart exploded on the screen and I just decided to leave it. But, I really want you to know how amazing he is, so I’m paying homage to his seven-month-and-one-day birthday and telling you now.

The kid is a firecracker! In the best of ways! He is as long as your afternoon shadow and chunking right up thanks to, well, yours truly, and the ever-growing list of foods this boy puts away. Sweet potatoes were just the beginning! Now he enjoys eating avocado, banana, apple, pear, mango, papaya, plum/prune, peach, blueberry, pumpkin, butternut squash, carrots, peas, green beans, zucchini, and an assortment of grains. Believe it or not, we are taking it slow with introducing foods! Because he has a history of a very sensitive system and daddy has one mysterious allergy that may be food-related, I have been very cautious in what I give him. But, he eats a great variety and willingly (most of the time) eats all the crazy combos I serve up to him.

He is on the move all the time! He is not crawling just yet, but rolls and grunts and shimmies and rotates. He even got his knees and feet up under himself the other day while lying on his tummy. I don’t think we have too much longer to enjoy our semi-sedentary baby! The past few nights we have been woken again and again and again (and again!) by a baby who has rolled himself onto his tummy and can’t figure out what to do next in all of his sleepy stupor. We always find him on his tummy, pushed up on his arms as far as he can get, wailing a song of fatigued misery. It is sad to see him so confused, not to mention tiring, but also exciting to see him mastering his body. He also has the walking motion down, thanks to his ever-zealous father who often takes him on jaunts across the living room to ‘find mama!’, though he’s nowhere near having the balance skills for unassisted walking! He is an excellent sitter and if he sees a toy he wants he will go to great lengths to get to it, including heaving himself onto his tummy from a sitting position.

Speaking of toys, he is getting possessive! He knows what he wants and if you take it away, you will hear about it. Often what he wants is a little jingly ball that has a bad habit of rolling away. So I am currently taking up the roll of ‘ball getter’ until he manages to figure out a way to scoot himself across the floor :)

He has two teeth! Two teeth, which are cuter than a button (and have brought with them much drooling, biting, and pain)! They are not all the way up yet, but they are beautiful pearly whites, which are opening all kinds of exciting doors in the wide world of eating. Just the other day I was letting him gum a banana I was eating, or so I thought! When I pulled it away I found he was managing to scrape little bits into his mouth with those two little teeth. He also managed to have a fit when I proceeded to eat the banana right in front of him without continuing to share. He struggles with mouth envy. He starts smacking his chops any time Ian or I eat within his line of vision.

He is a great babbler.. check it out..

(the main action starts after about a minute, but Ian likes the whole video, so we didn't edit it :)

And loves to laugh at Daddy’s funny antics..

The ways he is growing and changing are astounding and we are loving every moment of it! Sweet baby boy.

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