Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I totally forgot!

In mid-August, we took a trip to Edinburgh to get Asher’s passport and some other documents all squared away. While we were in the Big E, I thought it would be a good idea to look for some running shoes.

We all know what a wonderfully inexpensive and practical town St Andrews is, so naturally, it was necessary for me to look elsewhere for these shoes.

I found a couple shoe stores that would work, so we tried to figure out how to minimize our walking (only because it took longer walking and we were counting on being home in time for a nap!) to get to one of them from the Consulate. We ended up using one of our train tickets twice and riding part of our journey home to a train station that was closer to the store we wanted.

Now, if you’ve ever ridden the trains here, you’ll know that if you are at a station that is just a stop along the way, the trains don’t actually stay put for very long. It’s not like they’re going to take off with your leg still hanging out of the door, but there is a definite rush to get on and off the train.

I normally push the buggy and had been doing so for the ons and offs during this day so Ian could lift from the front. This time though, Ian was pushing and didn’t realize I had put the brake on so that the buggy wouldn’t go anywhere while the train was moving. Feeling the rush and being himself (gorilla logic.. as he calls it.. and also a real hatred for inanimate objects), when the buggy wouldn’t move he just shoved it harder.

Well.. that led to the front wheel being jerked and pushed and eventually pulled right off of the buggy!

It landed down in the tracks..

I didn’t realize what had happened until Ian pointed it out after we were off the train, and when I saw the lonely wheel down there I laughed so hard. And then I saw Aed sitting there all leaned forward and weird, but also not really caring, and I laughed even harder. Asher was pretty indifferent too, though he was sleeping so he didn’t actually know what was going on.. (he's in the back under Aed.. in case you were wondering :)

We both held our breath as another train came and left, but all was fine and the wheel was far enough off the tracks that it didn’t get squished. Fortunately, things fall into the tracks enough that they are prepared to deal with it and were able to get our wheel back for us.

We made it home all in one piece :)

This was Aed’s first time on a bus or a train and he loved them both! The bus took some getting used to, but he had so much fun on the train. This is a ‘I’m ready for a nap’ picture, but cute nonetheless.


  1. I am so impressed that you were able to laugh! That would have been one of my Bad Moments with lots of freaking out. So were you able to get the wheel back on, or did you have to finish your trip pushing the boys in a wheelie?? (American train doors once closed on Patrick and our stroller, which was thankfully empty at the moment. Our diaper bag fell down at the platform edge and a sippy cup went on the tracks. Our very small girls thought Papa was going to be crushed to death and started screaming! He wrestled the doors open and insanely grabbed the sippy cup, and all was well. I still get a little worked up when I think about it!)

  2. Kristin! That is too funny :) Trains and strollers just don't mix! We did get the wheel back on pretty much right away. Fortunately it was just a matter of getting it clipped back into place! Always fun making memories :)